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Em and Hame 28 Jun 2007 00:30

1100 throttle stop / tick over problem
After replacing my worn throttle body shafts on my '95 1100 GS with new shafts from Bing, I reset the TPS to 370mV, balanced the bodies and all was ok; tick over at 1100rpm, smooth running, etc. This was conducted in Santiago, Chile which I'm guessing is less than 1000m (3000ft) altitute.

Heading up into the mountains, i.e. 2000m+, tick over became an issue, i.e. it wouldn't tick over, but at higher revs ran well. I was lead to understand the motronic system compensates for altitute therefore tick over should not be a problem. After all, we're not looking at extreme altitutes of 5000m, etc. I then rechecked the TPS was set to 370mV, removed the 5th fuse and twisted the throttle twice to reset the motronic. Tick over was obtained once again. However this didn't last for long, later that day returning to no tick over.

Thinking I'd disturbed the factory set up by changing the shafts, I decided today to sort out this situation and carried out Rob Lentini's "zero-zero" procedure for setting up the throttle bodies, i.e. backed off LH throttle stop, set the TPS to more or less 0mV (6mV), wound in the stop screw until 370mV was obtained, attempted to balance the RH throttle stop, etc.

However, after obtaining 370mV on the LH throttle body, I can't get the bike to tick over, therefore can't set the RH throttle body. I've tried adjusting the brass air bypass screws from 0 to 3 turns out with no difference whatsoever.

Am I a twat and missing a fundemental point, or is my TPS (or something else) f**d? As I'm now in north Argentina, about to cross into Boliva next week, it's not as if I can pop into the nearest BM dealer!

Any worthwhile advice would be appreciated.

Cheers, Hambo

PS I'm aware BM stipulate not to touch the throttle stop screws, but needs must!

ukKev 28 Jun 2007 17:40

Some times the cables get caught on the top of the bodies . proably not the cause but worth a quick check.

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