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dajg 15 Oct 2009 11:30

08 f650gs fuel supply
I'm headed to places reputed to have low octane fuels. i'm on a 08 f650gs with catalytic converter, fuel injection etc.

will running on 70+ octane and leaded fuel destroy the cc & fi? I guess octane booster is ok for the low grade, but how long before leaded petrol casuses damage?


Tim Cullis 15 Oct 2009 19:31

Check out posts #28 and #29 at ► Fuel efficiency, range and octane questions - ::. UKGSer.com .::

Are you talking about a RON rating?

colebatch 16 Oct 2009 07:35

Ss far as octane goes I have run an 08 G650, and a friend an 05 F650 repeatedly on fuel as low as 76 octane (bmw says to use 95) without problem. Sure its a different engine, but theyre all made by Rotax with BMW electronics.

There is an antiknock sensor on the 650 singles, that adjusts timing to deal with lower octane fuel. I imagine the new 798cc engine would be similar.

In time, leaded fuel will kill your cat, but how long you can run it on leaded i have no idea.

What parts of the world are you headed to? Lead is probably less of a problem these days than u might think

dajg 18 Dec 2009 11:52

any ideas how long the catalytic converter will last running on leaded petrol? i had a look at it the other day - doesn't look easy to remove, disconnect or change.

headed through iran soon. a bloke who just came through the other way said he never found unleaded petrol there. i was planning to be in iran about 3 weeks...

will the bike run if the cat is dead? is it a priority to get it fixed, once broke, if the bike still runs?


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