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dsteven 27 Dec 2001 22:34

Upstate NY USA bikes (2) offered
I have two motorcycles I'm willing to swap for similar bikes in UK, Europe, OZ/NZ.
Dualsport: TransAlp; RTW ready.
Touring: Pacific Coast; smooth LD equipped.
I'm located near Albany, NY, USA. Lots of places to jump to: Adirondack Mtns., Finger Lakes Wineries, New England, Canadian Maritimes, Blue Ridge Parkway etc.
Both bikes have comfort seats and lots of luggage space!

stephen.stallebrass 11 Jul 2010 23:29


Be interested if anyone took up your offer???

mooby77 15 Jul 2010 10:42

Bike Swap

I could be interested as i was gonna ship my bike in 2011 for my US 50 trip

I have a Yamaha Tenere XT660Z 2008 , fully equipped, panniers, tank bag, GPS , protection , 12 volt power , kitted up , On or Offroad Tyres, spares etc.
Based in UK , Bath which is the South West , not far from Wales and from ferry ports of Plymouth and Portsmouth and , 3 hours from the Eurotunnel , fast way to get to the continent, France , Belgium , Germany ,Austria, Switzerland etc etc ,

oops just saw this post was in 2001 :)

pm me or email mooby77@gmail.com


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