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Walkabout 20 Nov 2012 22:18

Swap, rent or ............buy, temporarily
Back in the days, there were bike dealers in the UK who would sell bikes on the basis of buying them back at a later date; this was usually done for overseas buyers, especially those from the USA.
That all seemed to go down the pan, for whatever reason(s).

Now, in these times of austerity, dealers have to find ways of turning over stock and making a crust or two.
So, here is one that has recently started to advertise that they will sell a bike to a purchaser with the intention of buying it back later:-

Stafford Motorcycles Ltd Showroom | eBay Motors Pro Page 4

You can find their statement about this in most of the individuals adverts for the bikes:-
"We also now offer a buy back scheme, so you can purchase a bike for the season and we will buy the bike back from you when you no
longer need it or decide to change toanother bike"

It's nothing to do with me by the way; I just thought it might be an interesting alternative to renting - it has to be cheaper for any kind of duration although the issues of an acceptable driving licence, insurance cover and a registrable address for ownership would have to be sorted out (see the sticky threads for this elsewhere in the HUBB); perhaps the dealer has ideas about this.

docsherlock 21 Nov 2012 02:32

But by doing this, one is renting but also:

1. Taking the market risk of the capital
2. Taking the liability for tax and MOT
3. Taking the liability for repairs, servicing and consumables.

Probably not that much cheaper as they will always low-ball you on the buy back price.

Then again, there is nothing like owning your own bike....

dash 21 Nov 2012 11:07

It's more or less the same as the sort of finance scheme BMW seem to offer on new bikes, which they've more or less copied over from their car dealers. It's effectively leasing.

Generally, it might be a cheap (well, non-capital intensive) way of running a *new* vehicle, but it's an expensive way of owning *a* vehicle.

dash 21 Nov 2012 11:08


Originally Posted by Docsherlock (Post 401166)
Then again, there is nothing like owning your own bike....

And this sort of scheme is nothing like owning your own bike ;)

Walkabout 21 Nov 2012 11:23

The devil is in the detail
There is no further information that I can see beyond their website statement, which has appeared recently I believe.

If it is done as a "gentlemen's agreement" then it could work out OK; there again, yes it could go wrong on the buy back price, but you wouldn't have to sell back to them under a "gentlemens agreement".
If it is a more formal contract then that would equate to a rental type system but it should be a lot cheaper, for long term use at least.

Depending on the type of agreement/contract it may be just like owning your own bike: at best, you don't have to sell back to the same dealer - in fact, you don't have to sell at all.

ps I don't think it would be a leasing scheme: that dealership don't appear to sell new bikes, but they do deal in some interesting stock, at times.

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