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cgwinner 10 May 2011 17:37

Motorcycles Available in Guatemala
Some of you may already know about us - CATours in Antigua, Guatemala. We are mainly a motorcycle adventure touring company but we do in some cases offer rentals to fellow adventure riders. We're not here for hourly/daily rentals but for more time we can talk.

We have a fleet of small enduro style bikes that are perfect for Guatemala and the surrounding countries. Currently --> Yamaha 175 DT's and Honda 200 CTX's.

On the tour side, we've been taking riders out on fantastic tours in Guatemala and the surrounding area for 10+ years. Our tours offer a great variety of riding, from very technical volcano mountain climbs to river crossings to longer twisty asphalt routes. We visit all kinds of sights including volcanoes, ruins, beaches, lakes, rivers, caves, and more! You name it, we've done it in Guatemala.

Safe riding everyone!

jozhuag1 7 May 2014 07:43

Hi, i am interested in the rental for say two months may be more, i will be travelling down to south america with a friend , so the need for two bikes will arise. we intend to go on our own and not as part of an organised tour, so please let know of your terms etc. email me on jozhuag1@rediffmail.com, thanks

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