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Hindu1936 18 Jan 2009 12:42

South Korea, Yongin-gu Accommodation
Any travelers coming to South Korea are welcome to crash in our place. Secure parking for a bike and a warm floor with yo& ilbo to sleep on. Food is native korean cooking. Fifty klicks south of Seoul in the Giheung dong. If it's a weekend and you want a tour guide, it would be my pleasure. I will post again when we finally leave Korea. email me and I'll shovel my phone # your way.

all are welcome. I can sleep up to 6 if you don't mind a crowd

farqhuar 19 Jan 2009 07:40

I wish I had seen your post 6 months ago Hindu. I was in S.Korea in June last year and would have loved to drop in and share your hospitality.

Garry from oz.

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