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RalEva 7 Feb 2006 15:14

Pakistan, Lahore and Quetta
Hi folks,
is there any good place to stay in Lahore with safe parking.
The Lonely planet shows nothing really good!!

Maybe some of you have moregood placesto stay in Pakistan and India

Best wishes
Ralf & Eva

around the world on 2 motorcycles

The homepage has a translation service!!

Red Bull 7 Feb 2006 17:33

When you are in India, especially in the south! (Bombay / Pune ) Call me / Mail me a bit in advance,
I can help you out here, You can stay in the dungeon where we friends stay :-))

Sorry i don't know about other places!, only Bombay / Pune / Bangalore

Ride far, ride safe , ride often,,,...

petefromberkeley 7 Feb 2006 22:35

It's been years since I was there, but for a very long time, the Salvation Army was the place to go in Lahore. Camping or dorm accomidation. Hot showers, use of a good kitchen and a doctor is there if you need one. Very friendy and highly recomended. Overlanders are usually there. I was there on five or six occasions over a ten year period. Also, there are hotels in Lahore that change names too fast for the gudebooks to keep up. They are famous for robbing western travellers and they work with the police so you are helpless. This has been going on for years. Even American Express knows about it, they replace so many travellers checks and hear the same stories over and over. The Lonley Planet guidebook has a section describing this problem (or it used to).

Eriks 8 Feb 2006 09:34

Hello Ralf and Eva

I stayed at the Regale Internet Inn in Lahore for five days in December. This no.1 hostel for westernes is up some stairs in an alley and might look a bit worn down at first, but it is alright, cheap, and have rooms for two. I parked my bike 100 meters away at a guarded cinema parking lot (the friendly hostel people will tell you where). I met two german bikers and one Irishman on a KTM who did the same, so it appeared to be a favorite spot in Lahore. No problems whatsoever.

Other recommendations:

Bloom Star Hotel in Quetta (fenced in parking and where most overlanders go)

J.J. Guest House in Loralai (just opened, and the most unforgettable service on the entire route from Norway to Kathmandu) If you go there say hello from me.

Drop me an email if you need suggestions for other places en route.

Good luck.


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mika 8 Feb 2006 21:19


its a long time since I travelled in Pakistan, but one place is still in my mind.

Avoid the Hotel Muslim in Quetta.

All the Best



parkie 9 Feb 2006 04:16

If you stay at the Regale Internet Inn in Lahore that Erik mentioned ask the owner about Sufi night - one of the best cultural experiences we had in Pakistan. Wild drumming, chanting and whirling mystics at a Sufi temple.

Great crowd at the Regale Internet Inn too.

Eriks 10 Feb 2006 18:36

Good point Parkie. They arrange sufi night every Thursday.
And Mika is right too - the Muslim Hotel is not a wonderful place.

RalEva 15 Feb 2006 11:33

Hi there,

thanx for all your help.
I just put some good places for bikers in the net.
The Muslim Hotel is realy bad!!

Best wishes
Ralf & Eva

around the world on 2 motorcycles

The homepage has a translation service!!

Mombassa 16 Aug 2006 14:51

Bloom Star Hotel is the place to be in Quetta. THE overlander place. Great hotel, great secure parking.

Mombassa 24 Sep 2006 09:04

I stayed at the National Hotel in Lahore. They have parking out front, there is a guard on duty 24/7. 800 rupees with airco.

zoeed 16 Apr 2013 17:17

Free Accomodation in Lahore
Hey guys,

If you are looking for a place to stay for free, Let me know.

I have an extra room in my apartment with A/C and Internet. Me and my wife will be glad to host you two. :)

Look me up @ Zoeed Arshad
websites a bit of a mess because I am too lazy to update it, but you'll get an idea ;)

Hope to see you guys here soon
Zoeed "Madman" Arshad

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