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al_baylis 19 Jun 2009 00:47

Santa Fe, Argentina
Santa Fe, Arg is a stop over town with expensive Hotels. The Hostel is 1/4 the price and a super nice spot (Bv. Galvez 2175). However no place for la nina. I dropped past a nearby Honda dealer and I gotta say, German Kaiser (yep, thats a real name) was just a legend.

The guy not only offered to have my bike for the night (nestled next to a sweet africa twin.....surely if I swapped number plates no one would notice)...but when I arrived the next morning the guy had cleaned my helmet (which was a little sad, given I had bug collection Darwin would have been proud of) and done his best with a grubby bike.

Anyway, it was one of those shops where if I had bike trouble, I would trust this guy (dont let the fact he is a supermotard racer fool you, he came off as a really honest biker/do gooder).

Here it is....
German Kaiser
shope name: Guerrer (it is a honda place)
Santa fe
San Luis 3297


Robson Jaborá/SC 19 Jun 2009 01:38

Good tip!
Santa Fe is to closer from here... :thumbup1:

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