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The_retarded_elite 22 Jul 2012 04:51

Peru - Huaraz
Casa Jansy`s

Jr. Sucre 948

Owner: Jesus Rivera


20 sol for the private room, shared bath.
Bike can be pushed into the backyard.
Knows the area well, gave me a tip about a private road to trujillo, saved me a hour on the road.

Chris Cowper 8 Jan 2014 21:17

We are staying at the Churup Hotel. Amadeo Figueroa 1257. Huaras. GPS: S 09 degrees 31.846'. W 077 degrees 31.432'. Lovely clean and friendly place. Parking in a courtyard for 5-6 motorbikes and many bicycles. Breakfast and good Wifi. :thumbup1:

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