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Twintraveller 10 Jun 2005 03:04

Peru, Cusco - Camping
We just received that info and will check it out when we are there, but some traveller stayed there already.

O - tone:
"Quinta Lala"
Parking and campground for bikes in Cusco

This private eco reserve is situated between eucalyptus trees above Cusco. It has a marvelous view over the city center and you are out of the hassle of the town. It takes three minutes to walk to the ruins of Sacsaywaman and twenty minutes to descend by foot to the old Plaza de Armas of the Inca Capital.
Earlier this year more long distance travelers visited us to stay a few days up to a few weeks and made this their base while they visited Cusco and its surroundings. They asked us why we didn't offer our meadow to a broader public. Since we like the stories about their journeys and their experiences on the road from Alaska to Tiera del Fuego vice versa. So we decided to open our land to these kinds of travelers.
As long as the ambiance is good, not much is necessary to offer travelers a peaceful and convenient shelter. We speak Dutch, English, Spanish and French. There are facilities for laundry, hot shower.
So you are invited, and very welcome to stay with us.

Gonna y Helmie

How to reach us:
From the Plaza de Armas enter Plateros and its continuation Saphi. At the end of the wider road you turn sharply right at the first hairpin (Billboard: “CUSCO PRIMERO”), and follow the steep ascending road. Leave the church at your left; go through the second hairpin and zigzag another kilometer until you see in a curve a wooden sign at your left hand which says: "Hacienda Llaullypata, Reserva Ecoturistica Privada". Enter this little cobbled road; that's the place to be. The second house on the right is Quinta Lala.

GPS => S 13 30'.336" and W 71 59' 110"
Telephone: 084-263168

Twintraveller 10 Aug 2005 03:31

Is a great place away from trouble in the city. Not really cheap, but withthe travellers hut with hot shower, kitchen and a heated sitting area very nice.

prices in soles about :

10 per Car
2.5 per bike
8 per person
5 per tent

nice meadow.

glasswave 10 Jun 2009 17:47

Hola de Cusco,

Let see if I understand your pricing right.

For one person traveling by moto and staying in a tent would be....

2.5 + 8 + 5 = 15 soles


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