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Twintraveller 3 Jul 2005 00:28

Peru, All or Multiple City Thread
San Ignacio
Hotel Olivar
safe bike and car parking 200 meters away.
25 - 30 Soles for double room, cold shower, Tv, great restaurant, seems to be only parking in town.

Hotel Kuelap
safe parking, double room starting at 25 Soles, friendly, u can also work on your bike in their Parkinglot.

Hotel Laguna de los Condores
has been used by other bikers
directly on Central Plaza
cheaper is camping on the parking lot of the museum 4 km south of town. Small donation for museum

Huanchaco near Trujillo (u dont have to go into the big city with ur bike)
La Casa Suiza (in all guide books)
safe moto parking insid
double about 9 Dollars, dorm 5 Dollars
very helpful

La Cabana
Calle Jose Sucre? (from plaza de armas uphill 3 blocks)
in 2005 Handbook Footprint
safe parking inside
15 soles per Person

Huari (other side of Cordillera Blanca)
El Dorado
right off Plaza de Armas
10 - 15 soles (shared or pivate bath)
parking in lobby (must pass thru doorway, Africa Twin and KLR fit without luggage)

Backpacker Hostel (also Friends house)
Jose Gonzales 170
Miraflores, Lima
parking on fenced terrace, passing thru narrow door, but possible with Africa Twin with Touratech boxes
dorm 6 Dollars, double 15-16 Dollars

Alternative for the luxury seekers
Dies Soles
Av. Porta (crosses the Jose Gonzales), near Plaza Kennedy.
double room 55 Soles, parking in Garage, 24 hour security.

Hostel Valdelirios (in Handbook 2005)
Av. Bolognesi
parking in rear lot, locked,
room for 50 Soles

Hostal San Isidro
famous and well known, in LP
super safe parking in own car park
pool, dorm 7 Dollar, double without bath 7 pP, double with bad 9/10 $ pP

Huacachina /near ICA
Hostal Titanic
parking near pool inside
basic, clean rooms but hot water
30 Soles!!! for double (15 pP)
Soles not Dollars!

Hotel Nido del Condor
really expensive, about 120 Soles for double room, but camping possible for about 20 Soles for 2 people, incl. use of great pool. right opposite the airport for the Nasca lines on Panam direction Arequipa
parking inside hotel garden with guard and gate, little noisy from airport

Hotel Imperial
on main road to Cusco
doubleroom with shared bath for 30 Soles ! safe parking in courtyard (motel style hotel), 50 Soles for double with bath, 70 for double with bath and cable TV.

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Twintraveller 13 Aug 2005 21:22


Hostal Monterrey
Calle Lima (pedestrian street)
parking in courtyard. even storage for some days. double room from 30 SOles (bargain!),with shared bath, 60 with own bath. very friendly!


Home sweet home
Calle Rivero between Ayacucho and Carlos LLosa en el centro.
double without bathroom 10 Dollar incl. Breakfast, very friendly, safe parking, near to all sights

well known Torres del Ugarte used by lots of bikers and recommended by HU community raised prices from 20 Dollar double incl. breakfast to about 30 DOllar. has doubles, triples and quatribles with private (nice) bathroom and TV with lots of channels. Good breakfast, very helpful and friendly, parking good. but expensive.

better alternative price with bathroom, TV and parking is Hostal Senorial in Av. Carlos LLosa for 60 Soles

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Heiko 16 Aug 2005 06:14

Hotel Palmiras (When you get into town from San Ignacio on left hand side). Safe parking under the Hotel.
Single 20 Soles

Hostal Imperial 1 Block from the Plaza. Parking 3 Blocks away but safe.
Single 13 Soles (4.50 Dollars).

Hotel Las Tejas Av. Amazonas / spotless rooms
single 25 Soles shared bath

Huanchaco Garden (go down the mainroad, you have to go into town, next left & get back on mainroad, go ahead till pavement ends, 2 blocks more on the right side you will see the sign.
camping 10 soles per person.

Joe's place / Villazan 278 safe bike parking in the entrance (the spot is small but maybe 2 bikes possible).Camping 2 Dollars Dorm 3 dollars. Joe is a nice guy if you need infos. of the soroundings he'll help you.

La Casa Nostra / Grimaldo del Solar 265 at Benavides. Safe parking in front of the house. Dorm 10 Dollar, kitchen use,very helpful. Desert Racing is only 5 min. away if you need bike repair.

Espinar (formerly Yauri):
K'ana Inn Plaza de Armas 201. Safe parking half a block away. Single 20 Soles.

Inka Wasi / When you go to the hotsprings the last house on the left. Camping 2 Soles.

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getalexfr 7 Oct 2006 07:33

If you are looking for a lively friendly hostel (quite a young crowd), loki on questa santa ana (sp?) is BEAUTIFUL. cheapest dorm at time of writing 19soles a night, includes breakfast and internet. doubles 60 soles. quite a tricky couple of steps to get up, but 24 hr security guard and sheltered space for 2 bikes just inside the entrance. beware the cobbled streets if wet........

10 mins walk from the plaza de armas. worth it.:thumbup1:

Singaporedream 16 Apr 2009 05:00

updates on prices: april 2009
hi guys! some updates on prices and parking services.

Huanchaco Garden, camping became 15 soles per person

La Casa Suiza
bike parking converted into tables and chairs. they recommanded us to go other hostel to stay for bike parking.

Home sweet home. the parking place had been converted into tables and chairs for the backpackers. BUT the residential next door had bike parking for 2 bikes. get free wifi!

Ayacucho (posted by twin traveller)
Hostel Valdelirios (in Handbook 2005)
Av. Bolognesi
parking in rear lot, locked,
room for 50 Soles???
when we went there it is US$50.

Pisco (not very safe town. affected by earthquake recently)
Hostal San Isidro, 35soles in dorm

Loki hostel? my friend stays there and i went to the bar and have a look :::
all english speaking backpackers, drunk, shouting, screaming! i was lucky that i wasnt there...

i will update some of my cheap and safe bike parking places that i had stayed in peru, when i reach the north.

keep updated folks!

Singaporedream 20 Apr 2009 00:42

latest peru lodging
Our Peru Lodging, April 2009 information.


Home Sweet Home, Rivero 509A
has converted the parking to chairs and tables to backpackers. I went to the Hospedaje on 1 unit before Home Sweet Home. Locked gargage for 2 motorbikes.
30soles for 2 of us in one room.
No breakfast.
Shared bathroom.
Hot shower.
Near central.
Free wifi from nearby modem.
S16 23.682 W71 31.931


Hostel Monterrey. Av Lima 441.
This hostel can park up to 20 bikes. Hostel situated along a walking street. I took panniers to push the bike in (easy). upon exit, it would be a challenge.
35soles for 2 of us in one room.
No breakfast.
Shared bathroom.
Hot shower.
Near central.
S15 50.364 W70 01.663


Hostel Estrellita. Av Tullumayo 445. (Strongly recommended)
Very peaceful and simple hostel with nice owner. You may talk to the lady if you want to leave your bike in the hostel and take the train to Machu Picchu. No party animals here.
have a wood plank for bike to slide down the stairs. Very easy. No need to remove panniers. going out is also easy. Parking up to 50 bikes.
15soles per person.
Breakfast included. (bread, jam, butter, eggs, hot tea 24hrs)
Shared bathroom.
Hot shower.
5 minutes walk to Plaza de Armas.
S13 31.119 W71 58.424

Santa Teresa

Hostel Yukumama, Av Inka Roca
If you are riding to Machu Picchu, Santa Teresa is the nearest town we could get. We parked our bike and left with public transport to Machu Picchu.
Parking in the locked lobby/restaurant.
40 soles for 2 of us in 1 room.
Breakfast Not included.
Private bathroom.
Hot shower.
Small town.
S13 07.709 W72 35.650

Villa Maria.

very small town on the 3 days mountain road. we stayed here instead of wild camping to keep ourselves away from the rain. Can’t expect much.
Parking at neighbor’s workshop.
We didn’t use the shower.
Classic toilet.
what do you expect for 5soles per person???
Very nice local restaurant with trucha fish meal nearby.
S13 25.622 W73 54.344


4-6 blocks away from Plaza de Armas. it’s a hotel for the locals. don’t get any drunk people in the night. there are some kind of club for the local where there is a restaurant with lodging and easy parking but beware of drunk people around after their dinner.
We took out all our panniers to push in the bike. easy for my XRV750.
40 soles for 4 person in 1 room with TV.
Private bathroom.
Not so hot shower.
breakfast NOT included.
again what do you expect for that price?
S13 09.931 W74 13.670


This 3 star hostel was recommended by previous travelers on the HUBB.
Easy and safe parking. Can park a bus in the gargage.
25soles per person in dorm bed of 5.
Breakfast NOT included.
Breakfast is expensive.
free kitchen with extra insects on your pot.
free wifi
free laundry (DIY)
Shared bathroom.
Hot shower.
Swimming pool.
S13 42.462 W76 11.946


Hotel Central. near petrolperu, Av Pan-american 1336 (I think)
Clean and new. easy to locate from Pan-am. taxi to plaza de armas for 2 soles for 4person, 10 blocks away.
Best parking in locked garage.
You can’t believe the price!
35soles for 2 person in one room, single bed.
Breakfast Not included.
Private bathroom
hot shower.
TV with 50 channels.
S11 06.366 W77 35.727


Hostel Camping Peruano-Suizo Naylamp. Av Victor Larco 1420.
worth driving 10km away from Trujillo.
near and easy to chan chan.
campsite have shade and seaview.
Collectivo to Trujillo at 1.60soles.
parking at their own workshop, safe!
Free internet.
simple kitchen.
share bathroom (of course!)
Camping with own tent 10soles per person.
Dorm bed 15soles.
S8 04.382 W79 07.122

Hostel Aloha
Bike parking.
WIFI password: 12345
Breakfast Not included
Big Private bathroom
90soles for 4 person in 1 big room with TV
S5 11.483 W80 37.913

for pictures... or more detail, go to my blog at
singapore dream

MurrayCarmen 18 Nov 2012 23:27

Hostal Violeta (Calle Santa Catalina), 2 blocks from plaza de Armas, park bike in Hostal garage.

Hostal Nazca. In the main street (Lima 438).
Park bike inside.

Hostal El Patio. Miraflores, Diez Canseco 341.
Price is between budget and midrange, but a beautiful hostal with terraces around a leafy courtyard. Park bike in courtyard.

Hostal Colonial
Independencia 638, near Plaza de Armas, park bike inside reception area.

Hotel Plaza, on the plaza, park bike inside courtyard.

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