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Albert Hoermann 24 Oct 2007 02:37

Colombia, Popayan - Hotels
It is a little difficult to find a cheap place inthis town what is central!

There are 2 friendly places!

Hotel Capital, Carrera 5, No. 7-11, Popayan Cauca Tel.:8 388363
Basic but you can park your bike in the courtyard inside!
12.000,- without TV, 16.000,- with TV, shared bathroom

Hotel Pass Home, Calle 5 Cr.10-114, Popayan Cauca, Tel - Cel.: 316 448 9513
You have to park your bike one block away in the Parqueadero, 2.500,- a day (24 hours), ask there is an other one who is charging 5.000,- Pesos!
The rooms are with bathroom and Tv, very clean and friendly place!
15.000,- per person!

Both places are only 3 blocks from the plaza!

rauleloy 26 Oct 2007 22:39

Thanks Albert, is very helpful information. I am going through Colombia in January 2008. Have you a trip´s Blog?

scouse 9 Jan 2008 16:19

Meet up ?

I hope to be in Cartagena this week & set off through Colombia to Ecuador. Fancy meeting up ?


simongandolfi 9 Jan 2008 21:51

Through Colombia...
Hi, I rode my Honda 125 from Cartagena across to Popayan and south to Ecuador on my way to Tierra del Fuego last year. You might find something interesting or helpful on my BLOG at www.simonganmdolfi.com
Message me if you have questions.
Have fun,

elwood8524 4 Feb 2010 03:05

Hotel La Herreria
Hotel La Herreria
Carrea 5 no 2-08

092 831 8145

They let me pull into thier courtyard right next to the front desk
35$ hot water, Wifi, And pizza across the street

fredsuleman 10 Feb 2010 23:44

Popayán hotel in centro by the plaza
HOTEL CASA DEL VIRREY - this is right on the plaza on Calle 4.
Address: Cl 4 5-78.
For 2 people with a queen bed and private bathroom in a huge room it cost us US$ 27.50 and they allowed us to park the bikes inside the courtyard.


DonPatrick 5 Apr 2011 04:43

Hotel Pass Home, Calle 5 Cr.10-114, Popayan Cauca, Tel - Cel.: 316 448 9513

Mentioned above - this hostel is a super good option with a Jewish family. They are very nice and keep it clean. They even clean the rooms every day which a lot of budget hostels would never dream of. Contrary to the above stated they DO have free parking for up to 10 bikes. A room including TV and hot water cost 16.000 pesos.

I highly recommend this place.


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