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johan&ils 8 Aug 2012 01:25

Colombia Medellin hostal - welder -bmwmechanic -
Tamarindo hostal Calle 7 35/44
Casa Kiwi Carrera 36
first one is clean and sillent and more expensive, 2 one is clean and more party (10% discount for motorbikers :D)
both have good bike-parkings.
Both are next to eachother, but have a different streetname

For all welding-jobs and pannier-repairs
King Aluminum | Inicio

Very professional and super nice people!! They made a completly new pannier rack and adjusted the panniers from the GS 1150! Super job. (pictures see our blog) :thumbup1:

BMW- dealer
Ruta 40 (ask for Mauricio :scooter:, chef maintenace and overlandtraveler)

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