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Bike Friendly, South America Please add your post by listing Country in the subject FIRST, then CITY. Sorted alphabetically!
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Old 2 May 2005
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Chile, All or Multiple City Thread

Santiago : SCS Habitat, 1798 San Vincent - Scott the owner provides has a garage and has loads of info re: travelling round S America.
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Old 14 May 2005
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Hi Nick, hows Jill? This is a place to sleep? Im in Curico now heading to Santiago. Hows your 100 doing? My 80 is fine.
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Old 28 Aug 2005
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Sunny days
safe parking,very friendly owner, lots of infos, very good rooms. 7000 pesos with private bath per Person, 5000 in dorm

Putre *Lauca Park
Cali *on main street into town
rooms with private bath 5000 pesos per Person, 3000 pesos shared bathroom, but all hot water. nice rooms. parking very safe

Amunategui 2075
close to beachroad Av. Arturo Prat
shared room 5000 pesos, double 6000, single 7000. safe bike parking with dog, nice beach 50 meters away

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Martin and Katja Wickert
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Old 29 Sep 2005
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Hello Guys,
If anybody wants to visit some national parks around La Serena or just wants to relaxe with a good , don`t miss the nice local/accommodation of Robert. He is a german guy with his chilenian wife and two little kids, who life in Limache south of La Serena. He has a restaurant as well as some very nice guesthouses. Soon there will be swimming pools avaliable and since he is a professional german brewer, he can offer you some of his own , made in his own brewery.

GPS coordinates:
S 32° 59` 19.0``; W 71° 13` 25.9``

Even if you are not by bike you can get there by bus from Santiago. Get of the bus at "Paradero 8"

Find more about him on the web: www.estactionlimache.cl

Here is his address as well:
Centro Turistico Estacion Limache, "erste Gasthausbrauerei seit 2005
Gabriela Mistral 700, La Paloma, Limache, Chile
Tel.: +56(0)33 419249

Have a nice trip and enjoy the fantastic
www.moto-adventure.ch - just THE page about touring Europe and South america by bike!
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Old 8 Dec 2005
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Extraccion / Av. La Paz (Behind the railway staition) on the way to San Pedro de Atacama.
Camping 2.000 Pesos p.p.

San Pedro de Atacama:
hostal Puritama / Caracoles 113-37 camping 3.000 Pesos/6 Dollar pro person.

Punta Arenas:
Hospedaje miriam / Mejicana 538 room 6.000 per person with breakfirst. Very nice & helpful people.

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Old 14 Dec 2005
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Puerto Natales, Pension/Hostel Paulette
parking, Av. Esmeraldas, very friendly. opposite the only camping in town which is also great. 2000 pesos for camping

Punta Arenas
Hostel Independencia in Av. Independencia
parking, camping for 1500, rooms pP 4000 incl. breakfast, very nice and friendly
Martin and Katja Wickert
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Old 26 Jan 2006
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Enzo and Martina Tesser of the hostel "Villa Kunterbunt" in Valparaiso +56 32 288873 e-mail: villakunterbuntvalpo***yahoo***de (speak english and german) have save bike parking, store your crate, help with finding best-price shipping, will try and help you with any kind of problems anywhere in Chile. Just call them.
Address: Quebrada Verde 192, Cerro Playa Ancha, Valparaiso

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BMW F650 \'99
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Old 4 Jan 2008
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Santiago, Chile

SCS Habitat, Scots's Place seems closed. Santiago is a difficult place to find a cheap accomodations with parking.

Hosteling International has a large attached parking lot.
HI International
Cienfuegos 151
Book Hostelling International Santiago de Chile in Santiago Online
Prevously known as JSherm
My blog: http://www.motorcycleramblings.com/
http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tstories/sherman/ I will up date this soon, really Grant, I will....
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Old 21 Feb 2009
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hard to find a bike friendly place. the cheapest and most affortable and easy going hostel is

hostel de sammy

Hostal de Sammy - Backpacker Youth Hostel in Santiago Chile

6000peso dorm bed include breakfast.

bike parking is safe. the hostel is situated 2 units away from the police station.

they have bicycle to use also.

internet connection is very fast so that you dont need to wait.

S33 27.276
W70 40.062

the breakfast is the most wonderful breakfast we ever had!
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Old 5 Mar 2009
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information for fellow travelers:

Camping along ruta 5, Pan-american highway:

Near the town Quilimari, S32 07.735’ W071 30.767’, we named it as an expensive campsite. for an area for both of us to camp, it cost 15000CPL. Then I went to use their toilet. Sam was with Hope Too. The daughter of the owner, about aged 7 came to Hope Too tries to open the box. Sam was irritated. When I came back we asked for a bit of discount, it came down to 10000CPL. I told the owner we are on budget and he offer us for free! guess what, we rejected his free offer.


we don’t feel comfortable here so we went on…

Furthur north near Chigualoco, S31 45.181’ W071’ 30.808’, another beach camping. Cost per area is 10000CPL. Minimum facilities.

Ovalle, free camping at S30 35.680’ W071 10.398’. there are many food stalls in this free camping but we don’t feel safe. 2 locals had warned us to look after our belongings.

there are 2 more camping site along this road.

The best around is at Valle Del Encanto. top up supply before going in. 1200CPL (no typing error, in English is one thousand two hundred Chilean pesos only) for visiting this monumento arqueológico and staying in the safe camp site for a night, for 2 person. worth! S30 42.233’ W071 22.727’

La Serena: we look at the guide book. recommended a hostel with German management with good parking. Sam went in, first thing that the lady at the reception asked was do we have a reservation? We did not have one. The lady said that we can only stay in a private room as all the dormitory are full. also we could only stay for one night as there are many reservations. Private room is out of our budget and we enquired from her if she could recommend us another hostel nearby with motorbike parking, she said: I’M NOT SURE and continues clicking on her computer trying to ignore us. is this some problem with foreign owned hostel in Chile? after being recommended by travel guide book they seems to be high class. Andrés Bello 979. hostel El Punto. Go there if you like. we don’t feel good from their first impression.

after some rounds of recommendation from other hostel, we came back to the same place, one unit before Hostel El Punto (and that receptionist don’t recommend their neighbour). Excellent! Safe parking for 2-3 bikes. the lady owner is very friendly. She is a Chilean. if you want to meet the locals this is the place to stay. free WIFI and nice people. S29 54.516’ W071 15.223’ Hostel Vergara. La Serena, Andrés Bello Number 991.

Popular tour from La Serena goes to the East, visiting Pisco distillery and sky observatory. Prices from La Serena to Pisco distillery, eat some food, see some free sights cost 20000CPL. Observatory cost 15000CPL. so we ride east, about 60km east from La Serena to Vicuna.

Vicuna, book the tour to Observatory Mamalluca at Gabriela Mistral 260. cost 3500CPL for tour and 2 way shutter bus to observatory and back to Gabriela Mistral 260 is 1500CPL. don’t try to ride your bike to the Observatory. it’s a mess and very dark. no body switch on lights around the observatory. Camping at Rancho Elquino, 300meters walk from Plaza de Armas. S30 01.685’ W070 42.861’ Independencia201. ranchoelquino@hotmail.com
don’t be surprise to pitch your tent under the sun as you will not get a chance to sleep in the day. there is a shed where everyone can use as a kitchen, BBQ, reading. Nice swimming pool. very nice people. not crowdy and not noisy. kids are real nice, so as the owner Mario. 3500CPL per person. RECOMMANDED!
there is also a Pisco factory at S30 02.384’ W070 41.892’
Solar restaurant, they use sunlight to heat up the food. 4000CPL for menu of the day: S30 02.720’ W070 40.857’

Valle del Elqui: about 60km east of Vicuna.
We camped at S30 08.021’ W070 29.784’
very steep slope down hill to this campsite. Good swimming pool but gets crowded. surrounded by grape vines. Nice! Agrocamping Dona Josefa. 4000CPL per person.

Pisco tour avalible in the town. 5000CPL with free tasting of Pisco and free Pisco glasses.

Top up gas before heading up North of ruta 5 from La Serena, into the Atacama Region. Next estation will be more than 180km at city of Vallenar.

We camped wild in the desert by the coast of S28 17.442’ W071 09.930’ possible. we reach at about 530pm with Andreas and Saskia, clear the area from cactus and stones, cooked dinner and when it was about sunset, we set up the tent. Thanks to Thomas and Andrea of Germany, we learn to camp freely from them. we see the stars more clearly then in the observatory. there are many shooting stars to catch here!

Good supermarket at Copiapo S27 22.885’ W070 19.769’

now we are camping at Bahia Inglesa S27 06.340’ W070 51.043’ Cost 19000CPL per site up to six person. we found a couple traveling by their car so we asked if they want to share the site and split the cost. nice couple, Jessica and Miguel from Sweden. nice beach and swimming pool.

for more info view:
singapore dream: We are on budget but we are not Desperate!


singapore dream
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Old 9 Mar 2009
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Hostal La Chimba (Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 262, in Bellavista neighbourhood)

From the outside you couldn´t tell it is a hostel as it is behind a high wall and locked gates. You can park the bike in the garden. It is a clean, colourful place with kitchen use, friendly management and a good WiFi connection (and two computers in case you don´t have a laptop with you). The only bad thing is that it gets very noisy on weekend nights as it is in bars and restaurants area. Dorm beds are 8000 and double rooms are 20 000 Chilean pesos (breakfast included).
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Old 14 Mar 2009
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calama, copper mine, el tatio, SP de atacama

we enjoy camping at Calama with our retired police inspector. he is 75 years old now. it's one of our best campsite. with that amount of $, we had facilities of a cabanas. the owner is very helpful and friendly. if you want to meet nice people, go to S22 27.598 W68 54.999
Casas del valle. Francisco bilbao 1207. near stadium.

visit to the copper mine is free. we book thro our campsite management. just have to pay a donation to a children's home. can park vehicle at S22 19.480 W68 55.726

El Tatio is about 80km from San Pedro De Atacama. it took us about 4-5 hours to travel that 80km. We go there to watch the world 3rd largest Geyser field. Advisable to reach there on the day before and stay in the refugee. very nice place to stay. homely. we paid 2500cpl to sleep in the hall. you will not want to camp outside. it could go down to -9degree celcius in the night. if u join a tour from san pedro de atacama, you have to wake up at 3am to catch the morning splash. we reach the refugee at 5pm. good thing is that there are no tourist.we could go around freely, enjoy the privacy, use the natural hot pool alone. quickie is good.
refugee at S22 21.056 W68 00.941

camping at s.P. de atacama S22 54.796 W68 12.016
4000cpl per person. best campsite. camping Los Perales, Tocopilla 481. there are campsite at 2000cpl but bikers would not want to camp there.

route to valle de luna, flamingo park, salt pool are not easy. you will end up like us bathing in the sand with the bikes. drop me a message if you want the route from my GPS, not easy to find a road in.

thumbs up for hostel recommanded in Iquique! (twin traveler)
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Old 9 Apr 2010
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Santiago Hostel Footprint - parking

On Vicuna Mackenna just before the Baquedano Metro station - in Providencia -
5000 for dorm includes breakfast - parking for 2-4 bikes inside
nice place

Terra Extremus hostel is at corner, a little noisier and has parking for 2 bikes no free breakfast
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Old 30 Sep 2011
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hi mate do u know of any good hostal in chile concepcion
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Old 19 Oct 2011
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Santiago: Sammy Hostel is now called MOAI

Just to update info here:

Sammy's Hostel in Santiago has changed hands. It is now called MOAI VIAJERO HOSTEL


It still has parking for bikes. We are staying in a private room, which costs 18,000 pesos. I think dorm beds are 6,000 to 8,000 pesos. Price includes good breakfast (fruit salad, bread, fried egg, jam...)
It's a very friendly, relaxed place. Staff are really friendly and helpful. We recommend it.

GPS coordinates are
S33 27.276
W70 40.062

It's right next door to a large police station.

Mark and Claire
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