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Bike Friendly, South America Please add your post by listing Country in the subject FIRST, then CITY. Sorted alphabetically!
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Old 24 Jun 2010
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Brasil, All or Multiple City Thread

OK so this is my first post for Brasil but as I find hotels/hostels/campgrounds I'll add more.


Curitiba Eco Hostel isn't in the centre of town but if you've got wheels and a secure place to park does it matter so much?

25°27'32.00"S 49°20'13.11"W
Rua Luiz Tramontin 1693
Campo Comprido
(41) 3274 7979
Curitiba Eco Hostel

Friendly place, Spanish and English spoken. Rustic location with a secure car park with enough space to park a whole tour group of motorcycles.
Dorms: 24R a night with HI card, 30R without

There's plenty of space at the hostel, kitchen facilities, WiFi, and breakfast included (and it's not just a lump of bread!)

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Old 5 Jul 2010
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Paraty or Parati

Paraty of Parati

Misti Chill hostel in Paraty is in a perfect position right on the beach. At night they let me park my motorcycle inside on the patio area. Dorms are a little cramped, I struggled to get all my stuff in the room, and the cheaper 9 bed dorm has those wretched three high bunks that make you feel like the tourist equivalent of a battery chicken.

The 9 bed dorm is 25R a night and the staff are very friendly. Portuguese (of course) Spanish and English were spoken there.

Misti Chill Paraty
Rua Orlando Carpinelli 3
Praia do Pontal
+55 (0)24 3371 2545
Hostel Paraty - Misti Chill Hostel in Parati (Official Website)
S23 12.896 W44 42.729
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Old 5 Jul 2010
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Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero

I contacted a number of hostels to find out if they had space for a motorcycle. I chose hostels that had better than average reviews and were up to 35R a night. For me accommodation in Rio is the worst value in South America, high prices and poorly maintained hostels, saggy mattresses and dirty bathrooms. But the location is spectacular and I'm sure the cause of the problem is the constant flow of us tourists to this beautiful city.


I stayed at Casa Carioka
Rua Emilio Berla 180
(21) 3734 2235
It's the last house on the right at the top of a steep hill, and here lies its problem. It does have a garage but it also has three flights of stairs to negociate before you reach the 14 bed dorm @ 30R a night.
S22 58.431 W43 11.669

Other hostels that replied to me saying that they had parking are:

Beach Backpackers Hostel Rio de Janeiro
+55 21

Bamboo Rio Hostel
Phone:+ 55 21 2236-1117
Rua Lacerda Coutinho, 45
Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

El Misti
Tel.: +55 (21) 2226-0991
Tel/Fax.: +55 (21)�* 2226-6368
Cel.: +55 (21) 7827 2456
skype:�*El Misti Hostel Rio de Janeiro Hostels in Brazil - Pousadas in Rio Brasil
Rua Praia de Botafogo 462 casa 9.
Rio de Janeiro,�* Brasil


The much more pleasant and safe area of Ipanema has a string of hostels in a secure alley on Rua Barão da Torre

The best of the bunch seems to be Wave Hostel
Rua Barão da Torre, 175, casa 5 -
Ipanema (see direction below)
Tels: + 55 21 2227-6458 or + 55 21 8105-8391
S22 58.990 W43 12.058
Dorm rooms 35R a night

But there are plenty of hostels to choose from and there's secure parking on the street because there's a metal gate and 24 hour security at the entrance.

The people at Karima Hostel on the same street were also very friendly and offered the same rates as Wave Hostel

Warning: Girl from Ipanema Hostel is cheaper but has a reputation of bedbugs. I guess you get what you pay for.
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Old 23 Jul 2010
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Ouro Preto

Here are a couple of options for Ouro Preto both are right next to each other and have plenty of parking space.

Brumas Hostel - HI affiliated hostel
Rua Padre J. Marcos Pena
68 - Centro, Ouro Preto, Brazil
(0xx)31 3551-2944

I stayed at: Pousada São Francisco

It's a short distance along the driveway next to Brumas Hostel. 4 bed dorm bed R30 including breakfast & towel. Very friendly Daniel (looks like Seu Jorge) speaks English, Spanish and understands French
[url=http://www.pousadasaofranciscodepaula.com.br/]POUSADA S

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Old 1 Aug 2010
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Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro

Enough space to securely park a fleet of motorcycles
HI affiliated, R30 with a card, this place is clean and better quality than I've been used to. It includes breakfast, towels & wifi although there is only cold water here but with the weather up here who needs hot water!

Hostel Porto Seguro
Rua Cova da Moca 720
Porto Seguro
16°26'32.02"S 39° 3'48.28"W

As you come into town ignore all the touts trying to get you to their pousada's, just as you hit the main strip you should see the hostel on your right hand side, it has a large sign painted above the hostel so you can't miss it. This road is a one way street so keep your eyes open otherwise you'll miss it and it's a bugger to get back to.

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Old 7 Aug 2010
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Where? I here you ask... half way between Salvador and Recife and a perfect place to break up the journey. I got the feeling that they don't see so many tourists here, they were all pretty curious when my motorcycle rocked into town.

Ride to Neopolis and take one of the frequent ferries across the Rio San Fransisco (R4 for a motorcycle). I got the ferry at 5pm and I would guess that they run every hour.

I love super cheap accommodation but this one is basic.

Imperial Pousada,
Praca Coronel Peixoto 43
T082-3551 4749
S10 17.514 W36 35.131

I asked for the cheapest room and got a single room with private bathroom (cold water) and fan for R20. I believe they have better rooms here with a/c, hot water and river views. They let you park your motorcycle inside the hotel over night.

To get to it ride straight off the ferry and look across the street to your left. Imperial Pousada is right in front of you.
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Old 7 Aug 2010
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Here's a place for you in Recife, well the beach area of Boa Viagem

Maracatus do Recife Hostel
Rua Maria Carolina, 185
Boa Viagem
Phone: 3326-1221 and 9212-0305
S8 06.931 W34 53.627

They let me ride up into the hostel where the bike was parked behind a secure metal gate. There's space here for more than one bike although clearly you'd need to get them to agree to let you park.

Dorm rooms here are R30 a night including breakfast. No wifi here but if you sit by the swimming pool you can pick up a couple of open networks.

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Old 16 Aug 2010
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Pipa - just south of Natal

At last I've found some value in Brazil.

Pousada da Pipa has private doubles with bathroom, hot water (not that you need it) and a breakfast that isn't just bread.... a selection of fruits, cakes, bread, cheese, ham & juices.

As you're riding along BR101 keep your eyes peeled for the sign to Pipa it's easily missed, I seem to remember its just after a gas station. Once you get into town there are signs by each turn off directing you to various Pousada's, Pousada da Pipa is one of the first you'll come to with a sign on your left hand side which also directs you to Praia Golphinas, the beach where you can swim with dolphins.

GPS: S6 13.702 W35 02.999

Once here you can park your bike on the terrace out front.


Keep riding through town until you get to a fork in the road and follow the sign to the right for Pipa Hostel. It's an HI hostel so with an HI card a dorm room will cost you 25R. It also has space out front to park and its secure, behind a big metal fence. Out back is a beautiful tropical garden, a swimming pool, a large under cover cooking area and plenty of hammocks to relax in.

There is another hostel across the road from Pipa Hostel that also has space to park.

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Old 21 Aug 2010
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Canoa Quebrada

On walking around town I discovered that accommodation in Canoa Quebrada isn't so cheap. I eventually found Pousada Europa owned by a Dutch/Brazilian couple. Outside the Pousada a sign advertises their rooms at 45R but the charge for a double with a private bathroom, hammock, fan & fridge (perfect for keeping your cool) was only 30R. I'm here in August so I don't know if this is a low season price. Oh... and there's a good free breakfast here and a swimming pool.

From the pedestrianised street in the centre of town go two blocks left down towards the beach and Pousada Europa is on your left. The tourist information touts, you can't miss them when you enter town, are surprisingly helpful and will happily take you down to the hostel.

The owner let me park undercover in his garage space and then parked his car directly in front meaning that anyone who wants to get to your precious wheels needs to take his set first!

There's no address just a GPS co-ordinate
Pousada Europa
S4 31.456 W37 42.212
Tel: (88) 3421 7004
[url=http://www.portalcanoaquebrada.com.br]CANOA QUEBRADA - Portal de Canoa Quebrada - Cear
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Old 21 Aug 2010
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If you make it to Florianapolis, then I can really really really recommend Pousada Pires on the south beach.

It backs onto a stunning surf beach with a couple of little bars, a local shop and some stunning views.

[url=http://www.pousadasdefloripa.com.br/pousadapires/]Pousada em Florian
1994 XR650L
2001 NX650 Dominator.

BMW Dealer Technician

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Old 14 Sep 2010
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Piripiri - for Sete Cidades National Park

In Piripiri I stayed in Hotel California. There are plenty of signs in the town to get you there. They quoted 40R for a room and I gave a look of horror; they immediately dropped their rate for a private room with private bathroom, cold water (trust me you don't need any heat here) and air-con (this is the baby you want) to 35R a night. There's car parking space attached to the hotel.

Just look for the signs to the hotel as you enter town
S4 16.376 W41 46.556
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Old 14 Sep 2010
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Sao Luis

The woman who greeted me at the HI hostel in Sao Luis had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, the hostel was full and I didn't get the opportunity to test their willingness to park the bike inside the hostel. If you want to give it a go here's the address:

Solar das Pedras
Rua Da Palma
Sao Luis

I went two blocks down the road and turned left where I found Pousada Riveres

Very large, basic, private rooms with shared bathroom and cold water for 30R a night. They have a room to the side of the front desk, it was easy job to ride the motorcycle up into it and there was space for plenty more bikes. They seemed interested to see me and were more than happy for me to park inside so this is a good choice. The rooms are so large you won't be tripping over your luggage and you're in the historical centre..

S2 31.793 W44 18.250
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Old 14 Sep 2010
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Hotel America Novo Mundo

Why take a job on a hotel reception if you have an adversity to smiling? Well at least this is another cheapy in a good location, very popular with Brazilians, and lots of secure parking space. A single room with fan and shared bathroom is 20R

Hotel America Novo Mundo
Av Coaracy Nunes 333
(96) 3223 2819
N0 01.945 W51 03.233
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