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Jessica_LifeRemotely 22 Oct 2012 13:06

Bolivia, Sucre - Camping
A great little place 4 blocks from the city center. The camping is at S19 02.574 W065 15.302

Wifi, hot showers, kitchen (sink and stove), inside common area, and a small room with a bed if you don't want to pitch a tent. Bs/60 per vehicle or Bs/50 per tent.

The owners don't live on this property, and usually aren't around except on the weekends. Check in at their residence, address:
Aniceto Arce 416 (it's around the corner from the camping area)

Owners are Alberto and Felicidad, super nice people. They only speak Spanish but their children speak German and English and can help translate.

neill.bird 28 Mar 2013 14:39

Staying here right now and its now 70BOL for a car. They have space for about 3 vehicles and a covered area for your bike if you use the room. Its pretty perfect for the overland stay in Sucre as its so close to the town. They also have Wi-Fi now which is slow but OK for blogging.

The Camp site is down Mama Bolera (Street Name) and its Number 70. This street is opposite the Hostal Pachamama which is in most guide books. The Campsite which is really just someones yard has a (dull) red metal gate with no sign! (So look for the 70) The gate has no height restriction but is limited to width. Only the largest trucks would have a problem (2.6m wide). Cars easily fit in.

We pulled up and Alberto came up the steet so must have seen us passing their house. He also works from the yard so is their most days working which also makes it safer for your stuff. Bang on the gate or go to their house at the address in the other post. Its pretty perfect.

Alberto only speaks spanish but we managed (using hand signals mainly) to get set up and he's very helpful. His Son turned up later to make sure we were OK (in English).

GPS to front gate.
S 19' 02.576"
W 065' 15.298"


Mervifwdc 21 Aug 2013 19:43

Another shout out for this super place!

Anyone for a phone number or email address for Albertio? Got a question about an alternator, and the man is an electrical genius!


Farkles 7 Jun 2014 22:24

We attempted to camp at Alberto and Felicidad's todaybut were turned away.

I am not sure if there was a language barrier, or if he is "no longer in business", or prefers to deal with cars and send bikes to a nearby hospadaje, but are at the nearby Wasi Masi as per his recommendation.


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