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Twintraveller 13 Aug 2005 21:26

Bolivia, All or Multiple City Thread
(several hostels with parking)
Hostal Florencia
Calle Mena Mejia
large parking lot, for cars suitable
15 Bolivianos per Person shared bathroom

Hostal Sonia
around the corner from Florencia, in Calle behind Cathedral
parking in Lobby (fits one or two big bikes)
20 Bol. per Person incl. own bathroom, breakfast, very nice

many others stated in LP or Handbook but more expensive!

Twintraveller 3 Sep 2005 00:15

Hotel Avenida
Ave. Ferroviaria
parking in courtyard. slighly bigger double door to push bike thru, but no steps.
double room with shared bath 40 Bolivianos (5 Dollar US), with private bathroom ahbout 10 Dollar.

alternative: Tonito Hotel has rooms with shared bathroom for 10 Dollars or nice rooms wiht bathroom more expensive. they have a gate and they park their cars inside, so parking for mre than 2 bikes possible.

Heiko 6 Nov 2005 19:51

La Paz
Hostal Sucre Calle Colombia right at the plaza San Pedro (or Sucre) single 40 Bolivianos. Safe parking in the lobby.

Hostal Sol y Luna (ask on the plaza how to get there) camping 15 Bolivianos.

Hostal Tropical 10 Bolis (The onliest place in "Town")

Hostal 18 de Noviembre Calle 6 de Julio. Parking in curtyard , 25 Bolis 1 person

Santa Cruz:
Alojamiento Oriente / Calle Junin 362 safe parking in the entrance.
Single 30 Bolivianos

La Higuera:
La Posada del Telegrafista camping 10 Bolis. Safe Parking in garage.

Hostal Pacha Mama / Anciento Arce 452
Safe Parking in curt yard. Single 35 Boliianos.

Hostal CompaƱia de Jesus / Chuquisaca 445
safe parking in curt yard. Single 40 Bolivianos with breakfirst.

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Margus 9 Mar 2009 22:17


Hostal Magia de Uyuni (Calle Colon 432)

S 20deg 27,626min
W 66deg 49,431min

They are renovating a room next to the lobby and you can park the bike inside that room. Double with a nice breakfast was 35 USD.


Residencial Bolivia (Calle San Alberto 42)

S 19deg 02,802min
W 65deg 15,482min

Can park the bike in the courtyard. Double with breakfast was 130 bolivianos.

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