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Twintraveller 14 Sep 2005 23:21

Argentina, All or Multiple City Thread
coming soon

Hostal Terra Oculta
Cl. Cordoba
dorm cost 12 Pesos (about 4 Dollar). Super safe garage, very friendly and helpful in the city center close to the bike shops
of course there is a campground in Salta, but for parts shopping its a great place to stay in town

saker 28 Dec 2005 09:02

El Calafate

Casa de Grillos
85 pesos for two w/shared bath 105 for privite and breakfast
just off calle A. Brown near laguna Nimez

nina99 14 Mar 2006 00:17

Bariloche: La Bolsa, 21 pesos per bed in dorm if 3 nights or more, great hostel, internet free, kitchen and communal areas, well-equipped and clean with duvets on beds. Fantastic double room with private bathroom and cable tv, 60 pesos. 405 Palacios (cnr with Elfein), ph: 423 529

El Bolson: Sol del Valle, 40 pesos for small double shared bath, great hot showers, get one at back with fantastic view of Cerro Piltriquitron, kitchen and communal areas. 25 de Mayo 2329, ph: 492 087

getalexfr 5 Nov 2006 16:30

Salta : agree with previous poster that terra oculta is fantastic. Room for about 10-12 bikes in garage!

Cordoba: Tango Hostel – Fructuoso Rivera 70 – Tel: 0351 4256023.
cross street is independencia. cheap, breakfast included, garage for 1 or 2 bikes.

BklynDakar 11 Jan 2008 12:31

Salta and El Bolson

Tierra Culta is nice but popular and gets fully booked.
An alternative is Las Rejas, run by a very nice and helpful man, although there is only room for a couple of bikes. It is also located in a better part of town and has a more upscale B&B if that is your thing.
Las Rejas Hostel - B & B - Alojamiento Hostel Hostal Bed And Breakfast Ubicado en el Centro de la Ciudad de Salta

El Bolson
Luz de la Luna is a nice place with lots of parking out back.

peter-denmark 30 Apr 2008 18:25

terra occulta, in Salta costs 30 pesos now and has not improved. But it may still be the best option there.

In Tucuman, Hostal Tucuman, Buenos Aires 669. Decent place, if expensive (24 pesos for dorm, 70 for dbl with bathroom), but they have free internet and a nice backgarden. Breakfast is 5-10 pesos more.

Ken & Carol 31 Jan 2009 18:19

Also good in Salta is Hostel El Correcaminos, Vincente Lopez 353. It has parking in the courtyard for a couple of bikes. The staff are super friendly, helpful and most speak english. They have a kitchen, free internet and it is very clean. Four blocks from the plaza.

Carol and Ken Duval

Singaporedream 1 Feb 2009 20:03

santiago,cheapest party place + hostel
La casa Roja. one of the cheapest hostel we can find in santiago. there is a garage by the side. if u like party bag packers disturbing your rest in the night,this is the place.

one of the owner had traveled from south america to alaska on bike. his behivior does not looked like a biker, to me is a poser, boasting to everyone about his trip. well, he is also a regular in the HU. we didnt felt welcome from day 1 even we have stayed there for more than a week.

if u are reading this, you know who am i.

i would rate this hostel as the BEST place to stay (because its cheap) and Best place to party.

a dorm bed cost 8000p. parking is 2000p/24 hrs. beer is 1000p per bottle so bagpackers got drunk whole day. some other hostel nearby there are 8500p with parking. beer are 1500p per bottle. a little bit expensive but we got a good rest from the party and sick people we saw.

i was asked to leave the hostel on one night. they refunded the money(5 nights which i paid in advance) to me.


singapore dream: we were ask to leave the hostel thou we have paid for the week

i would strongly recommand this hostel for party people.

easyg 12 Nov 2009 13:40

El Bolson: El Pueblito, 3km North of El Bolson
El Pueblito, 3km North of El Bolson

From Bariloche cross over the bridge at Rio Quemquemtreu and then turn left. There are siqns directing you to the hostel.

Free internet (they tell me they are adding Wifi soon) breakfast included (bread, jam, dulce de leche, tea, coffe, cereal) homemade meals, fully equipped kitchen, laundry service, fireplace and they sell locally produced beer.

It´s a log cabin, very rustic, with a beautiful garden and incredible mountain views.

Prices below with and without HI discount

12 bed dorm: 40/45
6 bed dorm: 45/50
Double without bathroom: 110/120
Double with bathroom: 120/130

Very relaxing reggaeton free environment :-) English, German and Portugese spoken

easyg 7 Dec 2009 22:25

Buenos Aires hostels
I have rented an apartment in BA with a friend but before I did I emailed just about every hostel listed in the Lonely Planet, Footprint and Get South to find if anyone had space for a motorcycle. Despite receiving the expected long list of polite apologies three hostels said that I could park on a terrace or patio. I can't vouch for any of them but here are the three that suggested that they had space. Good luck.

Puerto Limón Hostel
Chacabuco 1080, San Telmo
(011) 4361 9649
10% discount with "Get South" guidebook

Hostal De Granados (apparently has lots of stairs!)
Chile 374, San Telmo
(011) 4362 5600 / 4307 0562
10% discount with "Get South" guidebook

Milonga Hostel (in the city centre)
Ayacucho 921 Bs.
(011) 4815 1827 / 4815 2143

easyg 10 May 2010 02:33

Rosario - Anamundana hostel
Almost as tough as Buenos Aires there are few options for motorcycle friendly accommodation in Rosario but I've managed to find a gem. There's space to park one motorcycle in the entrance way, unfortunately more than one bike isn't possible.

Anamundana hostel
Montevideo 1248
Tel (o341) 4243077
ANAMUNDANA | Guest House - Rosario, Argentina

It's a low-key hostel in an old house close to the centre of town. A supermarket is one block away and motorcycle shops are only five blocks away.

If you're riding with Get South guide book there's 15% discount for stays of more than 3 nights. Dorms are 50 pesos a night, which when it includes parking your wheels in a major city turns into a bargain. Personally I like to party but this is no party hostel, it's relaxing and as you'd expect from an Argentine run hostel its super friendly too.

In case its important for you there's a good fast wifi connection here, perfect for uploading photos etc.

easyg 14 Jun 2010 19:28

Puerto Iguazu, San Ignacio & Resistencia
Puerto Iguazu

If you don't fancy the out of town back packers hostel then there is an alterntaive with secure parking.

Bambu Hostel
Av San Martin 4
Manuel, Natslia and Cris all speak fantastic English
Wifi, breakfast, use of kitchen, dorms starting from ARG40. There's space for motorcycles at the back of their courtyard.
S25 35.697 W54 34.275

San Ignacio

Tranquil and a great stop on your way to Iguazu giving you access to the Jesuit Missions. The hostel is one block from the ruins.

Hostel Jesuita - listed in some guide books as “La Casa de Ines y Juan”
Dorms ARG35
Shared bathroom with electric shower, use of kitchen
When I was there Dario, the owner (speaks English) hooked me up to the internet via a Moviestar modem (through a cell phone network) I'm not sure the town is serviced by an internet connection yet.
San Martin 1291
S27 15.109 W55 31.979

Resistencia or Corrientes?

Not much in the way of budget accommodation here. Resistencia is cheaper than Corrientes
Hotel Bariloche in Resistencia, Obligado 239, is central and with secure parking.
Wifi, basic bedroom with private bathroom & TV
S27 27.322 W58 59.213

woody 29 Jan 2012 21:12

rio gallegos storage
hey im looking to park my bike up for a month any ideas where in rio gallegos

Manolito 2 Feb 2012 15:50


Originally Posted by woody (Post 365120)
hey im looking to park my bike up for a month any ideas where in rio gallegos

Send me a PM, we can meet and find a place where to park it (I'm from Rio Gallegos).

transalp98 29 Jan 2013 10:29

Argentina, Salta

Originally Posted by Ken & Carol (Post 226295)
Also good in Salta is Hostel El Correcaminos, Vincente Lopez 353. It has parking in the courtyard for a couple of bikes. The staff are super friendly, helpful and most speak english. They have a kitchen, free internet and it is very clean. Four blocks from the plaza.

Carol and Ken Duval

This hostal is closed, doors are locked and sealed from the outside, since January 2013.

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