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Fredontour 27 Jan 2012 00:04

accomodation with safe parking in columbia
here some possibillitys for accomodations with free WIFI and safe bikeparking in Columbia

near oldtown

Jovita’s Hostel + school of Salsa
Carrera 5 ecke 4-56 San Antonio
handy +(57) 317 640 6813
tel. 893 8342

Nord 03* 26.916
West 76* 32.244

Bikes fit through a big door,without moving the alooyboxes,they stay inside and covered from rain,

Bueno naer Medellin

Hotel La Pista
Autopista Norte
Frente a los Talleres del Ferrocarill
Calle 49 A No. 43-12
Tel. 272 2994
Nord 01* 53.419
West 77* 11.824
bikes stay safe inside but not covered from rain,

Pamplona on the way to Venezuela border

Hotel Imperial
Carrera 5, 5-36 am Plaza
Tel. 568 3246
Nord 07*22.608
West 72* 38.923

bikes stay inside the gangway, 24 hr. security guy

Santa Marta
Nordcoast from Columbia

Hospederia Casa Familiar
Calle 10C, No. 2-14
Tel. 4211697- 4311395
Nord 11*14.829
West 74* 12.762

bikes stay safe inside ,coverd from anything,rain,public
without removing the aluboxes all accomodation have free wifi, and close to the city everything in walking distance,
they cost from 8-20 usd per single room,
hope someone else can use this for travelling by bike,
keep the mirrows up,fredontour.de :palm:

donlucas 25 Aug 2013 21:02

Also stayed in Casa Familiar in Santa Marta. Really nice and helpful owner. :thumbup:

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