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Pumbaa 17 Feb 2007 05:34

Free accomodation worldwide
Hi Everyone

Some german friends told me about the following website for accomodation world wide. People put their details on the website offering a few nights accomodation in their homes - normally without any costs involved. Could be a good way to get to know the locals and areas. I haven't used it myself, but will certainly try it out at some point. I would imagine they will be bike friendly people...:scooter:

Free Accommodation world wide through Hospitality Exchange - Hospitality Club

Diaz84 17 May 2012 13:58

Hospitality club sounds like a pretty good idea, I wonder if it is still active as I need services alike really often.

ta-rider 17 May 2012 14:12


You didnt know these pages? Thers another one as well:

CouchSurfing – The world’s largest travel community

Its free and works realy great...met many nice people there in all of southamerica and Europa. The onely problem is you need Internet to arange everything...

Greetings, Tobi

Kayjay 30 Jan 2013 05:16

Both Hospitality Club and Couch Surfing are good and active sites for free accomodation. So is Bagpackers. You meet friendly people and worth it.


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