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blhenson 29 Jan 2007 14:09

Oregon, Troy - Invitation, Room
If you are planning a route through N.E. Oregon, give a shout. We are 40 miles North of Enterprise in some beautiful country. We have a guest wing complete with its own kitchen that is usually empty.

Hindu1936 3 Feb 2007 09:31

Just what are you trying to do?! Lure some innocent traveller and his wife to Troy so you can double the population count for the 2010 census? Now where I live we have a strong metropolitan flavor with a polualtion of more than 11. Sodaville, Oregon even has a parking spot for the country sheriff when he comes through every month. Still, when we head from Bend (visiting son and grandchildren while on vacation) to Spokane this summer we might swing by for coffee even if we don't stay long enough for the census. You do live in one of the most beautiful areas in the state though. If you are down in the Lebanon area this summer drop me a line and the return of the coffee offer is my pleasure.

blhenson 4 Feb 2007 22:57

I'll have you know that Troy is thriving, one might even say booming! We had a 300% increase in our student body at the school this year! (If we had only 1 student for another year the state was going to suspend our funding)

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