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HorseCreekInn 24 May 2007 18:29

Missouri, Houston - Motel, Biker Friendly
My husband PonyBoy and I recently purchased and renovated the Houston Motel, now named the Horse Creek Inn. Located directly on Rt. 17, about 1500 ft. from the Jct. of Rt. 17/63 in Houston, MO. The motel is on the Trans-American Trail, and is close by everything, including the Hogs Breath Cycle shop.

We offer CLEAN rooms, and allow bikes to be parked under the overhang directly outside of your room if you choose. Safe, secure area, coffee shop and other amenities.

Hope you will spread the word, let folks know this is now an AMERICAN owned and operated facility. We offer discounted rates to bikers, as well as to NRA members, AAA and AARP.

See you down the road!

Eya and G. PonyBoy
Horse Creek Inn Houston Missouri.
Gawani Pony Boy

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