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jayincanada 19 Jun 2002 12:17

Calgary, Alberta - Invitation, Camping
World travellers welcome. Give me a call on my pager number @ 403 205 0323. There's clean, quiet camping with secure m/c parking on the premises for world travellers on motorcycles. Just thought I might return the favour! Cheers! Jay.......

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amzahsulaiman 10 May 2013 05:57

Hi Jay,
I am about to fly in Canada on 18 June 2013 to start my once in life time ride across Canada and Alaska for a duration of about 3 months. My first stop will be Nelson where I have make arrangement with one of HU member to hire/purchase a Suzuki Wee. I am wondering if your invitation to camp in Calgary is still ON.

Regards from Malaysia,

Amzah :innocent:

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