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alan hopkins 20 Apr 2011 13:25

Spain - Granada - accomadation in Granada urgent!
Had a rear tyre blow on motorway and now stranded in Granada.
Could be worse you say but problem is Jesus comes to town over the next few days and everything full up plus I need to buy new tyre and shops all close tonight for two days.
I can sit it out if I can't get hold of a tyre but need a cheap bed for tomorrow and the next day. Money running out and tyre will cost around E200 so anything cheap in city.
I am happy to work for my bed as a builder, carpenter or even camp but need centre Granada as bike stranded

Try and check here but if I can put my moby number it's
0044 *0(7973 442 750

Muchas gracias amigos xx

onlyMark 20 Apr 2011 13:43

There's a couple of campsites in Granada. No luck there?
Sierra Nevada, Sierra Nevada Camping, Sierra Nevada Campsite

onlyMark 20 Apr 2011 13:47

Otherwise cheapest on a very quick look is Hostal Sonia in the centre for 60 Euro a night -
Booking.com: Hotels in Granada. Book your hotel now!

MikeS 20 Apr 2011 13:56

I'd try and leave the bike with a motoshop till after the hols and head to campsite if it were me. I'm guessing the rear tyre is wrecked if you were at motorway speeds but if its just an inner tube blow out, you could always get hold of another inner tube and fit yourself.

ozhanu 20 Apr 2011 18:54

try etap granada. cost about 40 eu/night.

Latitude N 37° 9' 16.59''
Longititude W 3° 36' 39.55''

Av. Fernando De Los Rios s/n
Hostal 2*
Tel : (+34)958123188

I was there last summer and and was quite happy.

onlyMark 20 Apr 2011 19:51

Etap full now till 24th and then 78 Euro a night.
It's Easter.

DougieB 20 Apr 2011 20:16

get a bus somewhere else, somewhere without Jesus and cheaper.
walk out of town and pitch your tent (do you have one) ?
buy a bottle of cheap spirits, drink it, find a door way.

I agree with the above, ask a bike shop to look after the bike till a tyre arrives; I assume you've already done this.

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