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beddhist 19 Oct 2006 19:11

Romania - Rimetea pension
While not exactly bike related I found this place so neat and cheap to boot that I must put it here:

Muskatli Pension

It's on a back road in the village of Rimetea, about 30 or 50 km South of Cluj-Napoca. Very friendly lady runs it with her mother. Clean rooms, nice garden, great view. Apparently, they don't do breakfast, but I asked for it and it kept getting bigger every day! Room only is about 8 EUR for one person.

There is a campground with huts and pension that looks very nice a little North of the village, near the monastery. It was closed when I was there.

There are plenty more pensions in Rimetea, but none at all in the other villages around. I found accommodation in Romania comes in clusters.

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