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rvatorflash 9 Jul 2009 09:50

Krakow, Poland
GREAT HOSTEL/GREAT LOCATION/Great parking for bike

Hostel Gardenhouse
ul. Florianska 5
31-019 Krakow
+48 12 431 28 24
GardenHouse Hostel - Cracow's newest and hottest hostel ever.
GardenHouse Hostel - Cracow's newest and hottest hostel ever.

1/2 block from Market Square in Old Town (Perfect Location). Nice, clean, safe. Very friendly, helpful staff. Best part: They allowed me to bring my motorcycle INSIDE!! Up a BIG step through the entrance, down a beautiful marble hallway, up a flight of 4 steps, more hallway, a courtyard and then parked in the hallway opposite the 24 hour reception desk. VERY secure. I ride a BWM F650 GS Dakar. I recruited 2 helpers to lift the front wheel up the steps. This (of course) will be more difficult with a larger bike. The floor is beautiful so please be very careful not to damage it (or anything else). This is really a fantastic place for a motorcycle traveler to stay so please make a good impression for those who will follow. Thanks!

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