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theprinceofmince 11 Oct 2007 19:36

istanbul recommendations?
we are on route from london to africa. In Romania at the present (which i highly recommend!!!) heading through turkey in a few weeks. does anyone know of accommodation with off road parking in Sultanhamnetold, old town istanbul.

Cheers helen (F650) and gareth (R100GS)

ozhanu 11 Oct 2007 22:24

i dont have any clue for Istanbul, but, if you want to visit Ankara drop me a line..

have fun.

SKILLO 12 Oct 2007 01:54

Hi helen and gareth,

Off street parking near Sultanhamet is hard to find. We had to go to a more up-market (read more expensive) hotel than I would have liked just to get secure parking. We stayed at Hotel Romance (Istanbul Romance Hotel, istanbul hotel, hotel istanbul, hotel in istanbul, lodging in istanbul, lodging istanbul, accommodation istanbul, airport, istanbul hotels, hotels in istanbul, 3 star hotel in istanbul, four star hotel in istanbul, istanbul re) and they had secure parking in basement of the building behind for no extra cost(off street, undercover and locked). Only hotel we could find with parking that wasn't a 5 star place. Rooms were normal hotel fair, good but nothing unusual. Rates were about 60 euro for a double. But it is in middle of Sultanhamet and tram goes past front of hotel.

I would have preferred to stay in the cheaper hostel/backpacker area, but no secure parking. If I went back again I would probably stay at a hostel and park bike out front on street, lock it up and use bike cover, and take the risk. But that decision must be yours.

John & Alanna

MountainMan 12 Oct 2007 03:20

Ditto to John's comments, not much secure parking. I left my bike on the street in front of our hotel for about three days. It was well lit and in plain view of the front desk. The hostel is well situated in Sultanahmet.

When leaving, not sure if you are heading east, but if you are it's a five minute ride from Sultanameht down to the ferry which takes you across the straight. That will save you a couple of hours that it would take to cross the bridge. Highly recommend it as the way out of town. As a bike you roll right to the front of the line.

I may have mentioned somewhere previously but coming into Istanbul in the very early morning is a breeze. The traffic and temperate is much better. Follow the signs to Sultanahmet and when you get close follow the tram line right to the mosque. Now you are in the center and can easily navigate your way on foot or by bike to find your hotel. There are a lot of old, curving, unnamed one way streets find your way to and through the neighborhood...

MotoEdde 12 Oct 2007 04:11

With an F650 & R100GS, I wouldn't worry...I left mine curbside parking for about 3 weeks while processing visas.
Talk to the guys at the Sydney hostel or the Big Apple...they'll set you up.
Big Apple is probably a nicer place and off the "main drag".

Ditto on MM's recommendation about the ferry...speaking of whych...

MM, apologies for not making it to VC when I was nearby a few weeks ago...I got into a bit of travel fatigue and my internal compass had me focused on home...


Stephano 12 Oct 2007 07:38

If you are willing to consider more upmarket hotels, have a look at the Hotel Sokullu Pasa (N41 00.233 E28 58.364). I've used it 3 times. It's in Sultanahmet in an old Ottoman building, with a nice secluded garden.

There is no off-street parking but there's a lamppost outside to which a bike can be chained and the hotel reception is slightly below ground level so the receptionist can see the lamppost through a window. Rear rooms (with A/C in summer) are best.

The downside is that it was taken over by Best Western and slightly lost some of its charm and the posted prices are very high. However, if you negotiate I don't think you have to pay those prices. About 3-ish years ago, we paid about $35-40 for a double.

Next time I go to Istanbul, I'll definitely e-mail them first to see what price they'll offer because the location is so convenient.
There are various cheap hostels on the walk down the hill to this hotel too.

Caminando 12 Oct 2007 13:41

Try Sinbads guesthouse in Sultanahmet. Chain the bike to their window bars. Theres a guard on reception all night. Theres less crime in Turkey than in the UK.

Margus 15 Oct 2007 09:30


Originally Posted by Caminando (Post 154183)
Try Sinbads guesthouse in Sultanahmet. Chain the bike to their window bars. Theres a guard on reception all night. Theres less crime in Turkey than in the UK.

I'd also vote for it if you want to save some money. They're called "backpackers hostel", so don't expect some 3+ star comforts. But they're very cheap considering it's located in the centrum of Istanbul with roof view to Bhosborus strait you can drink beer and enjoy the view.

I stayed there about a month ago.

bikerfromsark 16 Oct 2007 12:26

My name is George, Im on my way down to Cape Town east coast, currently in Split. will be in Istanbul in next 3-4weeks so u will be gone then but if you want keep in touch and prohaps a beer somewhere along the way. send me a mail if u like george_guille@hotmail.com

theprinceofmince 2 Nov 2007 17:56

Thank You!!!
Thanks for all your help and sorry about the tardiness of this reply.

we ended up staying in a Med Cezır Guest House. Hotel Med Cezir on the top end of Tevkıfhane Sokak. opposite the four seasons taxi stand and valet parking so had 24 hour security. we paid 50 ytl ( about 32 euro) for the double room with breakfast and the family are very friendly. I recommend it.

Thanks again for your help.



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