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Silke 18 Feb 2009 06:40

France to Turkey (and further) accomodation needed
Bom dia,
we will be travelling overland from France to Jordan (Amman) through Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Syria and, of course, Jordan. :-)
Do you have any up to date GPS waypoints of recommended accomodation en route?
Campsite or hostel - should be clean and, if possible, with a safe parking for the bikes. The cheaper and nicer the better! :-)
GPS waypoints most welcome as we propably will arrive by night sometimes and a GPS makes it a lot easier to find :-)
Any other recommendations also appreciated! :-)
Thank you so much!

ozhanu 18 Feb 2009 10:05

hi silke,

if you are in or around istanbul, you are always welcome. i and my wife might offer you free accomodation. we have hosted a lot of traveler from hubb. i am planning to ride to morocco on may or june. just send me a pm or e-mail before you come.

visit ODT-2006 to see our previous guests... i may also send you waypoints.

more we share more we have!!!

usl 21 Feb 2009 23:01

Two camping that i know and can recommend...

www.mistikcamping .... around istanbul and at the coast. Also check their links page ... 41°14'38.71"N .... 29° 1'56.63"E ....

Camping Agaclı ... around Aksaray

38°23'10.94"N .... 33°59'39.68"E .... nice and clean...

hope this helps

Silke 23 Feb 2009 12:41

Thank you so much for your help!
And, @ozhanu: Thank you for your inviation - but we travel in a group of 6 - too many of us! :-)

ozhanu 23 Feb 2009 22:06

hi silke,

sorry, i can only accomodate 2 people. however, drop me a line when you are around. we all can have a coffee here.

ride safe!

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