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mikeccm 4 Jul 2009 10:14

accommodation at romania in brasov
hello to all, im mike from england living in Romania in the city of Brasov. we have a house and provide a bed and a good home cooked meal. justed had martin and pauol from Slovakia stay for a couple of nights and took them on 360km tour of the mountain roads and expecting Igor from Croatia in a few days.
can help with route planning and places to see.

Mike49 8 Jul 2009 22:27

Hi Mikeccm, passing that way approx 2weeks on way to Georgia if it works out a possible beer or two with you.

avatar3 11 Aug 2009 08:30

Hi mikeccm, greetings from Slovakia ;) it's Paul. How are you? I just want to thanks again to you for one of the most surprising thing that happened to us, when we were on our trip. Such accomodation, that you provide to us was amazing not just because of the beautiful house you have, but mainly because of the kindness of yours and your family. We had great time! :thumbup1:

shovpow 18 Nov 2012 09:15

Hi Mike,
we are planning actually our Romania trip in September 2014. If you will be there until this time we would be more than happy to meet you and stay for one or two nights. Us that´s my wife Manuela and me. After our trip through Australia and New Zealand we have to do some more 4 week trips before doing a big one again. If we can bring you something from Germany feel free to tell us.
As said, would be great to meet, looking forward to.
Check out if getting bored during the winter: Classics-on-Tour von Manuela und Robert Brand

Direktor 12 Dec 2013 06:17

Hi Mike,
nice to see your offer. Next year I am planing tour to Romania.
Can you tell me how far you are from Transfăgărășan? Can you tell me what town can be start point and end point of this road.
How far you are from Dracula castle? (this caste is in Bran, right)?
Nice greetings from Croatia,

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