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Eric_Blume 17 Apr 2000 22:48

Mexico, All or Multiple City Thread - Baja
Somebody has to start this...

Hotel Yeneka in La Paz
Calle Madero 1520
Phone# 5-46-88

Friendly and they allow you to roll the bike into the courtyard.

getalexfr 16 Aug 2006 01:30

LA PAZ: hotel yeneka is cool and you get a free half hour on the internet (woo hoo!) and a shot of tequila, but cheaper is the hostel california. this is around the corner from yeneka but the map i have doesn´t show the street name. it is in downtown, and next to an enormous superstore called Mas. A local could definitely point you in the right derection.

BAJA other sites:
Guerrero negro -a bad experience for me, the town was a lonely, dusty sh*thole... but on the plus side, masses of deserted beach to camp on for free. just follow the signs for whale-watching, but don´t get your hopes up for seeing any big tails unless you go in february...

Puerto escondido -sounds ´fabulous´ but is nothing more than a military looking base and a dodgy looking port... but again, has a good camp location. it is a trailer park but they will let you camp for 70pesos per person. showers and pool free to use. if you want more of a setting, stop in loreto, but i was doing it on the cheap!

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