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Twintraveller 16 Apr 2005 00:27

Honduras, All or Mutlitple City Thread
Copan Ruinas

we stayed in Hotel Los Gemelos, from Parque central down the road to the ruins, directly at the corner. Price was 120 Lempiras min, 150 for a double. Safe parking incl. guard dog.
alternative is camping on the gas station 300 m from the ruins.

near Gracias

we stayed on Balneario Alejandra 10 min north of Grancias opposite the Gas station. room incl. private bathroom is 150 for 3 persons. u can also camp there or hang a hammock. great food as well. the pool is fun as well and the family who runs it is great.

Lago de Jojoa

D & D Brewery, is in 2003/2004 Central America on a Shoestring LP. it is near Los Naranjos, turn left (coming from South) behind the bridge over the canal in Pena Blanca, follow the road till u come over another bridge, then there is a sign on the right leading into a little dirt road. another 500meters and u are there)
camping is 40 Lempiras pP in a great garden, safe parking with guard dogs. and it is a brewery!


American Inc.

safe parking in basement, costs are 190 Lempiras in single room. Little expensive but clean and nice
Hotel Honduras is an alternative. room is 120 Limps.
There are alternatives but smelly.


Hotel La Esperanza.
triple rooms. price per Person 112 Limps (negotiate, they are trying to charge 140 first). safe parking, close to border los Manos....see my border posting under Central America section

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Singaporedream 20 Jun 2009 01:25

Please note that there’s not very accurate address provided in the following countries, that is where the GPS come in handy. All the prices quoted are in US$ unless specified. Time of research was May/June 2009. For more information and pictures, feel free to view my blog at http://singaporedream-rtw.blogspot.com

Honduras (US$1.00 = 18.00 to 18.50 Lempira)

Hotel La Esperanza
280.00 Lempira for 2 person in 1 room with TV. Shared bathroom has hot water.
Parking at hotel’s private parking, easy.
Gabriela Mistral, tel: 883 2106, Danli
N14 01.804 W86 34.229

La Esperanza
Hotel La Esperanza
300.00 Lempira for 2 person in 1 room with private bathroom, TV and hotel facilities.
Parking at hotel’s private parking, easy.
free WIFI
Barrio Eramani, La Esperanza, Inibuca, tel: (504) 783 0068
N14 18.422 W88 10.483

Copán Ruin
Hotel Los Gemelos
200.00 Lempira for 2 person in 1 room.
Shared bathroom. a true hostel, managed by ‘my mother’.
No drunk and party people around.
Parking at Hotel’s private parking, easy.
N14 50.370 W89 09.246
*there will be some guys coming to help you to find a place to stay for commission. they will offer something like 100Lemipira for private room with aircon, TV, WIFI, offer sounds good but too good to be true. No harm following them?
*beware of ‘La Casa de Tudos’, beside Hotel Los Gemelos, as it was a nice place but our dinner was taxed with 10% tips, 10%IVA and 15% alcohol tax, which we did not read in the fine print in the menu. Their internet password is 1a2b3c19fb.

Nueva Ocotepeque
Hotel San Antonio
250Lempira for 2 person in 1 room with private toilet, private tap for shower.
Bike parking at 10cm from our room door. easy.
N14 26.223 W89 10.998

Hotel Maya Chorti (we only went to check out the price)
580Lempira for 2 person in 1 room, without aircon, include breakfast.
643Lempira for 2 person in 1 room, with aircon, include breakfast.
N14 26.241 W89 10.861 (should be)

*44km from Copan Ruina towards La Entrada on the left, or 20km from La Entrada towards Copan Ruina on the right, there is a nice fruit stall owner by the name of Yovany, pronounced as Jo-ba-ni. Honest, down to earth person, around 32years old with 3 children, selling cutted tropical fruits to the local tour buses that stopped at his stall. If you want to drink a cold sugarcane juice, eat some watermelon or make friend with a true local, this is the person. He didn’t want to accept our money when he gave us a pineapple, knowing that we are travellers.
N14 59.018 W88 51.295


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