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Singaporedream 20 Jun 2009 01:35

El Salvador, Multiple cities.
Please note that there’s not very accurate address provided in the following countries, that is where the GPS come in handy. All the prices quoted are in US$ unless specified. Time of research was May/June 2009. For more information and pictures, feel free to view my blog at http://singaporedream-rtw.blogspot.com

El Salvador

Juayua (we did not stay here)

$17.50 for 2 person
Estamos ubicados a una cuadra de la inglesia y a 30 metros del banco: 4a Calle Poinete, Barrio San Jose # 4-4 Juayua
Tel: (503) 2452-2432
N13 50.569 W89 44.901


Hostel rural las Orquideas
4a Calle Poniente Tel:4330061
$17.00 for 2 person in a room with private bathroom+hot shower.
Very nice place to retire for 2-3 days. Bring a book to read on the hammock. the owner also ride motocross bike.
N13 51.462 W89 48.271

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