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joshsnave 3 Feb 2009 23:21

1st class cheap language school, accomodation
Thought I'd mention this place in case bike travellers like me are in market for cheap spanish school early in trip south thru central america. Its at the top of Guatemala in Quetzaltenango. El Quetzal school is very small but i was taken back by the quality of the language lessons. The owner is evidently very involved in her profession and takes an interest in ensuring the student is keeping interest in spanish learning from moment to moment. She offers a homestay with a courtyard to keep the bike. Its 135 a week for accomdoation, food, 5 hours a day of language school. I was very impressed, ive had a language teacher previously, so I wanted to mention this one.
So for a run down of the school its

Guatemala365 - A Survey of Spanish Schools - El Quetzal Spanish School

TravellingStrom 4 Feb 2009 06:08


Thanks for the info, it looks interesting.

I am assuming the 135 is US$ ?

I may have a use for something along those lines later this year.


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