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V-Anna 10 Jul 2009 00:23

Tasmania, Hobart
We have a nice little guest room and a garage to park the bike. So if you are looking for a place to stay in Hobart (and maybe somewone showing you the nice roads around here) shoot me a message! :thumbup1:

V-Anna 12 Jul 2009 23:53

I can't reply to private messages at the moment so please send me your email address with your messages! :oops2:

Keith1954 13 Jul 2009 11:53

Hi Anna - I just sent you an email.



tanyabug 11 Oct 2009 03:38

Hi Anna
I'm coming to Tasmania in December, and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? :)

I don't have enough posts to PM you (just joined), so if you could drop me an email to let me know if I can get in touch, it'd be great!


Tanya tanyabug 'at' hotmail 'dot' com

CosI'mFree 11 Oct 2009 09:30

Hi Tanya, I'll be touring Tassie in a few weeks and will hopefully catch up with Annisa in Hobart. You can check my blog here Fab's Motorcycle Trip to Tasmania not much there yet obviously.

V-Anna 11 Oct 2009 22:54

Hi Tanya,

why don't you ask your questions here. Maybe they are of interest for others as well. ;)

Otherwise: anissa 'dot' goemann 'at' gmail 'dot' com

Cheers, Anissa

jonnywahlhaus 28 Oct 2010 22:27

Hi Guys,

you all seem to have riding knowledge of Tasmania, i hope you dont mind if I pick your brains a bit...

A few of us have planned to go riding in Tasmania for about 10 days from the 18th of December 2010 onwards. We are competent riders, and have done a two month, 18,000kms journey around Australia (The Hard Way Round). We plan to be riding WR 250's and 450's and be completely self sufficient - we are happy to camp. We have heard many comparisons between the East Coast and the West Coast, and we have been told by many to avoid the West Coast due to the rain and mud.

Could you please give us some more information? If we have 10 days, what would be the best route?

Looking forward to hearing from you - Jonny

V-Anna 1 Nov 2010 10:08


well, in 10 days you can easily do the whole loop. ;) It's always good once you arrive in Devonport to check out the weather and if it's decent do the West first. It does rain more but it is SO worth it. :thumbup1:
I would aim for Stanley, Arthur River, down the Western Explorer to Corinna, Zeehan, Strahan, Queenstown, Dewent Bridge, Hobart, Tas Peninsula and up the East coast from there.
There are HEAPS of dirt options along the way but the tarmac is pretty amazing as well.

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