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Fredontour 3 Sep 2009 10:56

Mereenie loop - camping, bikeshops, tire detonation
Good overnight staying places ,

tiredealer,1 Euro,2Aussiedollar
, Darwin NT Motorcycle Centre Suzi,Yami,Kawa,KTM,Honda
Dealer Stuart Highway,20km from Darwin, left hand, tires and parts and more,
south 12° 27.201,east 130° 57.865

Frogs Hollow Backpackers Lindsay Street, everyone know him,23,-Adollar, cheapest one, but 12 er dorm good kitchen,simple breakfast incl.

Nitmiluk Nationalpark Campground, ca. 7 Euro per head,Campkitchen avaiable South 14° 18.954,east 132° 25.247

Ivanhoe Campground with pool+,Kitchen+fridge,4 stars Big 4 Campground,14Adollar, South 15° 46.270,east 128° 43.886

Gibb River Road El Quero Homestay Camping +WC+shower,15,-Adollar,no kitchen,quiet place,when you not hear in the qient evenning the power generator,you need a permit to go in this nationalpark, 1 week costs 15,-Adollar,a lot to visit here,but more little rivercrossings,only with enduro possible, South 16° 00.401,east 127° 58.827

Purnululu Nationalpark
Westaustralien Bungle Bungle Waradi Campground 10 Adollar,incl, daypass 5 AD for biker,WC,showerDusche and drinkwateravaiable,more rivercrossings,easy,the first oned,very stoney drive through in "s" form,South 17° 31.343,east 128° 17.997

Halls Creek
Camping,opposite the policestation drive in,than 400m right hand,11 Eumel, South 18° 13.681,east 127° 40.085 good quiet place,near the tanamitrack from Halls Creek,in Westaustralien,to Alice Springs in North Territory, shortcut, 1100km, easy, all 350-400km petrolpumps and Camp possibility with drinking water,but very bad tast,

Wolfs Creek
Meteoriten Crater Campingplace no Waterr, only Toilets, free, 150km south from Halls Creek,svery quiet, South 19° 10.387,east 127° 47.372

Rabit Flat Roadhouseon the Tanami Track petrol and food, drinkwater,Camping 4,-Adollar,shower 3Ad,one Liter petrol 2,08 AD,Generator is to hear,24 h long, South 20° 11.089,east 130° 00.798T

Tilmoth Roadhouse7km straight the asphalt begins, Camping 5AD, with shower and drinkwater and WC, South 22° 48.537,east 132° 35.836

Alice Springs
Heavitree Gap Outback LodgeCamping, 10Ad,Highway von Norden kommend, durch Ort durch etwa ikm ausserhalb, linke Hand, Trinkwasser,Dusche und WC,top,am abend kommen Rock Wallabies die man fuettern kann, Sued 23° 43.718,Ost 133° 52.020

Honda,Suzuki,Harley ect. Dealer and Tirestorehouse in Alice Springs from north the Highway coming, left Hand before city, South 23° 41.386,east 133° 52.550 (zB. Bridgestone TW 22a,130-80x17,135,- AD,Montage 25,-AD,make it self,

Yamaha Race Motorcycles, Wayne Woodberry KTM, Honda ect. 28 George Cresent, in village over highway, big traficjunction, right,can order parts very quick from adelaide, racemc@ozernail.com.au South 23° 42.066,east 133° 52.510

Redbank George Naturcamping in the West Mac Donald Ranges to Mereenie Loop, Permit by Touriinfo,2,20Ad,shortcut to Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock,ect.3,30Ad,no water,only Toilets and Gasgrill, South 23° 35.440,east 132° 30.681

Kings Canyon
Resort Camping the only place their 10km befor village,13,50 Adollar,shower,WC,the Minimarket in the petrolstation is very expensive,petrol 1 Liter 1,77Adollar, Ok,mit Pool, South 24° 14.948,east 131° 30.811

Tire detonation
, Sirac, 130/80-17,2-3mm Profil, 58 km von Kings Canyon, on the Mereenie Loop, from Glen Helen George to Kings Canyon, there is a tire tree,on Aboriginal Land, throw my tire in 4m High on the tree,is full useable,is a tube typ, you need a permit to go this track from the Touri Info, when the don’t give you one, why you are on a bike, go to the Aboringinal Council Office, cost 2,20 Adollar, scenicview track, beautiful, a lot of old American carwrecks along this track, South 23° 53.497,east 131° 5.747, the person how take my tire can spent me a beer,

have fun on this places,more about my worldtrip

now with english translation babel fish,hold your mirrows up,fred. :scooter:

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