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Red Bull 16 Nov 2006 07:34

Australia, Melbourne - Invitation, Room
Hi Guys,
Any riders passing through Melbourne (Australia) are welcome to contact me at my mobile number +61 413 066 905 or you can mail me at the address haribombay( at )gmail.com available in the link above. I would be able to provide accomodation in my unit that I share with friends(free of course). From whatever we have I can atleast spare a bed / blankets and stuff like that ;-) and of course some badly cooked Indian food :-)

Covered parking availble !!

I used to ride a Enfield Bullet Electra on Smallish rides in India , I have recently Migrated to Australia.
Contact me If you need any help in this part of the country and I will see whatever best I can do.
Red Bull

Stephano 16 Nov 2006 08:22


Originally Posted by Red Bull
Hi Guys,
Any riders passing through Melbourne (Australia) are welcome to contact me.
Red Bull

Thanks, Red Bull, that's a generous offer. I never managed to get over to Mumbai, maybe Oz one day... is it a permanent emigration or a work contract?

Drop by if you're in the UAE.

Red Bull 17 Nov 2006 07:40

It is actually permanent immigration
Hi Stephano,
Yeah we didn't meet in India, perhaps we meet in OZ , hopefully. Thanks for the UAE offer, I believe there are a lot of Indians(malayalis from Kerala) in UAE

About OZ, I have got my permanent resident visa(and after 2 months of desperate search a decent job), so I can stay here and take citizenship if I want(after 2 years) but I am not planning on it (Don't know can't say as of now). Eventually I will make some money and go back to India, I am here for atleast 5 years I hope:-)

The earlier post for accomodation in Mumbai was not of much use actually, no one came, I had to finally resort to sending emails to travellers passing by to come over and that way I had Linda Bick coming over to my place.

In Oz I myself am not that settled, I don't have a bike yet and the house is rented accomodation. But would be more than happy to share whatever that I have with fellow travellers. Atleast a comfortable night stay with some burnt Indian food :-) should not be a problem.

So hope to see you here soon,

Red Bull

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