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Gazza69 4 Sep 2008 12:24

Egypt, Cairo: Tyre change and accomodation required

We're leaving 20th September from Sweden and heading down through Europe-Tunisia-Libya-Egypt then back through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulagria etc etc

#1 We am looking for a bike shop in Egypt where it would be possible to order rear tyres for our bikes (I am riding a KTM990S and my mate an African twin) would like to order before arrival and have tyres waiting there for us so there, does anyone know of anyone who could assist?

#2 We plan to be in Cairo for as short a time as possible and don't really want to hunt around for accomodation when we arrive, so if anyone knows of camping (Which I believe is difficult there), or a reasonable Bed and Breakfast would appreciate any info! Even better if someone could offer a piece of their garden that we could stick up our tents :-)

Cheers Gary

MountainMan 4 Sep 2008 17:30

Hey Gary,

Camping in Cairo is a bit inconvenient, there are plenty of places to stay for cheap. If you want to stay in town, there is cheap travellers getto within a short walk of the museum area which is convenient if you want to check out the museum (definitely worth it). If you want to stay in the suburbs, you can stay out in Giza by the pyramids. I didn't stay there, but some of the group did and they had a pretty spectacular view of the pyramids from the rooftop and it was pretty cheap.

Tires are definitely a good idea as other than road tires, they are as rare as hens teeth there. I believe that there is a small KTM dealer there, you could try them. If that doesn't work, definitely ship them or carry them as you won't find much selection when you get there. I didn't try, but you should be aware that dealing with customs in Egypt can be a bit of trial. For that reason and since you are going north from there, I always wondered whether it would be more straightforward to ship into Jordan. Have fun.

Gazza69 6 Sep 2008 18:13

Egypt, Cairo, KTM dealer in Cairo?
Thanks for info! Hopefully the accomodation shouldnt be that much of a problem, I have looked on internet for a KTM dealer but couldnt find one in Cairo, anyone know more about this? Or even a reputable bike shop that we could "pre-order" tyres?

omar mansour 16 Oct 2008 02:04

Tires and a place to Stay
Hi Gary
what type of Tires are you looking for? I'm kinda sure you will find rear tires will do the job to get you back home via Jordan Syria. there is few places to get it from Cairo ( tell me 3 options to select a tire and i will try to find it for you )
i know some one his name is Sami he lives in MAAdi in south Cairo ,i think he is Swedish he do ktm work i believe and spare parts too but i lost his phone number ,
also there is a mechanic Mhamed Anwar he is good ,and you may find tires there.
i may have a place to stay but in Alexandria , 200 km northern of Cairo .
which model of Africa twin your Friend is riding?
i got one too
i did the route (Egypt - Jordan -Syria - Turkey ) few years ago have maps ,places to stay .
if you need any help or any thing i can try to do for you just ask
safe ride bikers

aurel 16 Oct 2008 10:17

I did the same route than you this summer on a KTM 990 Adventure :thumbup1:

Look here: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria - ADVrider

I did the whole loop around the Mediterranean sea with the same set of tyres, Pirelli Scorpions. Two up, loaded and they were still fine after 13.000km.

If you really want to change your tyres try to contact the KTM shops in Egypt :

Website: KTM - Egypt Desert Adventures
Email: info@ktmegypt.com

Address in Cairo:
11, Sayed El Mirghany Street, Heliopolis, CAIRO

Address in Sharm El Sheikh:
Safari Street, Naama Height, SHARM EL SHEIKH

Enjoy your trip :thumbup1:

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