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mkirby 25 Apr 2005 14:30

Egypt, Cairo: Contact & Accommodation
I am travelling through Cairo on my way to Sudan by motorbike, and thought I'd share some usefull information that I have come across.

We are staying at a great hotel called the Dahab Hotel which is a roof top hotel that overlooks parts of downtown Cairo. It is very central and the staff are friendly. The rooms are clean and it is cheap. They serve breakfast and will wash cloths for a very small fee. Most importantly, for those of you that will be travelling on to Sudan, the manager of the hotel is a Sudanese man and he was very helpful to us with regards sorting out the Sudan visas that we require. He has copies of the required visa entry forms and speaks exceptional english.

I have also had my bike serviced by a local guy who didn't speak a word of english, but knows his way around a bike like no one I've seen before. I had a local guy translate for me and it worked out pretty well. He managed to get new tyres, spares and completely serviced the bike all in a day, and on a public holiday. His details are with Motasim Saleh, the hotel manager of the Dahab Hotel.

I hope that this info helps some of you as it has made my stay in Cairo a lot easier and given me time to relax in a city that is quite hectic.


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