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olerbiro 8 Jan 2011 13:15

Egypt - Bike friendly hotel in Giseh or Cairo
Hi all,

We arrive tomorrow evening in Cairo and are looking for a hotel in Giseh or in Cairo with a solution to safely park our 2 bikes.
If anyone knows a good address (or even an average one...)


McCrankpin 8 Jan 2011 14:44

Look here:

You'll find praise and criticism about Salma Camp there, and its GPS and directions.

We stayed there about a year ago, quite liked it. It's had its ups and downs and an old chalet area is now derelict.

The young owner is very helpful about things in general (I think his dad owned it previously - it's a family run place)
The younger family members seemed quite enthusiastic in looking after the place, and a mosquito contractor came along every now and again and sprayed something to keep them down.

The bar is nice, and used by many locals, so must have something going for it.

The village shops nearby are good, and a local taxi driver touts for business.

If you're doing the usual applications for Ethiopia and Sudan visas, we can only offer our experiences:
The taxi driver is very smooth-talking, will take you to the embassies, knows the processes, but isn't cheap.

We decided to do it ourselves. Well, we saved a bit of money, but finding these places in Cairo even when you have addresses and GPS (but beware, both have moved at times) isn't straightforward, and we would have saved a whole day if we'd used the taxi for a little more money, as a couple of other travellers there did and seemed pleased with the driver's services.

The location is close to the ring road, handy for Giza and a huge Carrefour supermarket. But in my opinion, Giza is a disappointment. Go south from the campsite instead, along a very pleasant road, to the Saqqara and Dashur pyramids. Much better.

ta-rider 8 Jan 2011 18:13

...and if you or someonel else who finds this thread is looking for a campingplace in cairo we found one here GPS N 29°57,832 E031°09,590.

LG, Tobi

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