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PatHorne 23 Jun 2008 12:25

Two UK travellers in Oz would like riding buddies

We are heading out to Oz on 20th December 2008 and riding melbourne to perth over 3 weeks on DRZ650's. All our accoms are booked along the way - we would like to ride with like minded people along the way.

Please get in touch if you would lik eto meet up - I have our list of days and places which i can post up later if that would help.



justAL 23 Jun 2008 13:10

Sounds like a bit of fun. I'm in Melbourne so if you need a spot of accomodation to launch you on the way and a tag along to the border or Adelaide I'll gladly chime in.

It's gonna be hot around that time of year too so prepare yourselves for +30-35 degree days.

PatHorne 23 Jun 2008 14:07

Thank you - yeah be good to meet up.

What do you suggest we ride in? Would Biking Jeans (Draggin Jeans) be to hot?

Any advice would be apprecitated.

Thank you


pecha72 23 Jun 2008 22:00

We rode in Australia in March, as the final destination of our overland-tour. There was a very unusual heat wave (for that time of year) around Adelaide and Melbourne, with daytime temperatures topping at +45 Celsius.

We had no extra space anywhere to put our riding gear, so I did the whole trip with a black leather-suit. Yeah, it was hot - probably wouldve been hot, if I´d ridden naked as well!! The worst problem for me was the feeling of falling asleep while riding in the heat, Im thankful that I didnt. Actually wasnt so bad, when you were moving, only when you stopped if you didnt find shelter immediately, that was a little annoying.

You´ve got to drink (A LOT!), in those conditions you can easily take 1 liter of water at each stop. Also keep in mind you will lose salt, etc., as you sweat, so just plain water all the time isnt the right solution.

But there had been hot conditions on our trip many times before, this couldve been the hottest by numbers, but all in all still didnt feel as intolerable as the humid, tropical heat in Malaysia or Indonesia.

It´ll be a whole different story, if your plan is to head into the more remote regions during the hot season. Thats when you will really need to be able to carry enough water and supplies, or you may end up in serious trouble.

There are fuel stations/roadhouses about 150-200kms apart across the Nullarbor, so not really a problem crossing it on the main road.

Hornet 23 Jun 2008 23:55

Hi Pat

I plan to start my RTW in OZ in either November or December. Would be interested in seeing your route and schedule. You may be going a bit too fast for me though, I plan to spend 4 or 5 months in OZ.

Frank Warner 24 Jun 2008 00:19


Originally Posted by PatHorne (Post 195515)
What do you suggest we ride in? Would Biking Jeans (Draggin Jeans) be to hot?


You want vented jacket and pants at that time of year.

Most people learn when they stop to be under shade ...

You know you’re in an Australian Summer When-

The best parking space is determined by shade instead of distance.
Hot water comes out of both taps.
You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron.
The temperature drops below 35c and you feel a little chilly.
You discover that in February it only takes two fingers to steer your car.
You discover that you can get sunburnt through your car window.
You develop a fear of metal car door handles.
You break a sweat the instant you step outside at 7:30am.
Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is, “What if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pavement and cook to
You realise that asphalt has a liquid state.
Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to prevent them from laying hard-boiled eggs.
The cows are giving evaporated milk.
The trees are whistling for the dogs.

Source Nissan 4WD club of S.A.

Use suncream on your nose inside your helmet !! You may even need it on the rest of your face.

clintnz 24 Jun 2008 02:34


Originally Posted by PatHorne (Post 195515)
What do you suggest we ride in? Would Biking Jeans (Draggin Jeans) be to hot?

Any advice would be apprecitated.

Thank you


I find MX pants to be good in hot weather & basic ones can be purchased quite cheaply. You need some strap-on knee armour to go with them if you want decent protection, but that's cheap too.

Have Fun! We're planning an Oz trip for next year.


PatHorne 24 Jun 2008 07:12

Ok Thank you - i need to rethink what i'm going to wear!

I rode in 44 degree heat in the sahara. Its going to be like that isnt it?

Can anyone tell me a good Motorcross shop in melbourne so i can buy somekit when i get out (save me travelling with it)

Thank you


justAL 24 Jun 2008 10:11

Peter Stevens is a good start for gear however I'd be very tempted to buy your gear overseas and ship it over. Aussie sourced gear can get very expensive.

If you'd like I can track down some pricing for you if it would help you make a decision.

I'll PM you some other details.

PatHorne 24 Jun 2008 10:40

Hi JustAL

Thank you for your help.

I have full MX gear here in the UK - maybe i should just bring it with me save buying it?

We have a day in melbourne on the sunday 21st December before we get the bikes - can you recomend some places to go?

Thank you


Julie Horne Photography

justAL 24 Jun 2008 11:48

Make sure you bring your knee guards. The MX gear should be sweet for the weather as it will be very dry.

A Hydration bladder would be handy to sip with as you ride to keep your fluids up.

micko 24 Jun 2008 12:02

My 2c worth.
Draggin Jeans would be fine. They provide quite a reasonable compromise between protection, and keeping cool, and you can wear them other times without looking too foolish.
Source a decent quality jacket with flow-through mesh panels. The suggestions to buy overseas or check with Peter Stevens in Melbourne were both valid points. ( Welcome to Peter Stevens Motorcycles )
Dri-Rider Rally-X jackets do the job and are not too outrageously priced (find them on special, they are often available discounted). Some people don't like them but mine has served me well. Well suited to dual-purpose riding.
The use of a Camelbak-type backpack makes a big difference in order to stay hydrated whilst riding in the heat. The Rally-X has a pocket in the back for a water bladder but I found using it made the jacket hang back under the weight of the water and annoyed the front of my throat.
Enjoy your ride!

PatHorne 24 Jun 2008 12:17

Hi thank you all for your advice.

This trip has been booked for 18 months now - we are using 'bikes round Oz'
who have booked all the accom's and bikes.

we just have to ride and navigate.

Hope to meet some of you Oz Riders on the way!


PatHorne 24 Jun 2008 12:18

need to get my post count upto 9 so i can PM. I cant PM people yet! sorry

PatHorne 24 Jun 2008 12:20

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