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jeanied1 14 Jul 2010 06:18

Transporting motorcycle door to door in Melbourne
Hi again All,

I'm probably buying my first motorcycle this weekend - yeeha, very exciting :D - and will need to transport it quickly and cheaply from where it currently is in the eastern suburbs to the other side of town in Port Melbourne (not confident riding it through Melbourne traffic just at the moment, need more practice first on quiet streets round where I live!!).

Can anyone recommend a reliable and cost-effective way to do this - eg motorbike transport company in Melbourne? I've so far rung 1300 Bike Move and they quoted me $120 inc gst and insurance door to door, but I've no idea if this is a competitive quote!

Jeanie :mchappy:

Vaufi 14 Jul 2010 11:27

Get a friend to ride the bike for you :innocent:

farqhuar 14 Jul 2010 14:38

Jeannie, I live in the eastern suburbs and work near Port Melbourne - I travel that route 5 days per week.

Again, I'm happy to help deliver the bike for you if you wish - no charge, just an opportunity to help a fellow international adventure rider.

Many years ago I purchased a similar size Suzuki GN250 for my wife as her first bike. I rode it home on the Sunday and on the Monday she discovered she was pregnant - that sadly put paid to her plans to ride with me, but she is still a regular pillion.

I'm in my late '50s but ride every day to work as I can't bear the commute in a car in gridlocked traffic.

jeanied1 15 Jul 2010 23:51

Problem solved
Hi Farqhuar,

Many thanks for your offer, that's really generous-spirited of you! :biggrin3:

As it turns out, the guy who's selling me the bike has just said he will put it on the back of his trailer and bring it over to my house next week, which has solved that problem - and saved me $120!

Really appreciate the gesture though, and I do hope we get to meet some day soon seeing as we are practically neighbours - AND fellow adventure motorcyclists (can't quite believe I'm already calling myself that when I've only just got my learner permit, heehee..!)

Jeanie :mchappy:

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