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wbagwell 6 Nov 2003 08:54

three-week australia loop
Hey Folks,
I'm going to Australia for a wedding in April '04. I'll be going alone, so I'm planning on renting/buying a bike while I'm there and doing a three-week tour on the cheap. I'll be flying into Sydney and the wedding's in Mittagong.

Can anyone point me to the best source of inside information on how I might piece together the most interesting loop during that time? Does Chris Scott's Rough Guide give good detail on what might be fun for bikers?

I'd prefer to stay away from pavement as much as possible. The more dirt, dust and sand, the better.

If anyone else is up for joining me, I'd certainly appreciate the company.


Wright Bagwell

atgreg 7 Nov 2003 07:01


you could do a great outback loop in 3 weeks from Sydney. head west to Broken Hill, nth to Tibooburra,Cameron Corner, Innamincka, west to birdsville, south down the Birdsville track to Maree then bacross the Flinders Ranges visiting Arkaroola and Wilpena Pound. There also some great weekend dirt rides around Sydney, Im sure we could organise a group to take you on a great weekend trip. Im in Sydney and ride a Honda Africa twin.

A good place to get info is the Oz Adventure riders list at, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oz_adventure_riders/ and


there's also some good photos of that area on my site, http://www.geocities.com/atgreg/ , go to the Cameron Corner trip link.

please drop me any questions you have


Barry Johnson 7 Nov 2003 15:57

Yeah, follow Greg's advice. Don't miss Wilpena Pound & Flinders Ranges. One of the most overlooked areas of australia?

3AJ Tenere

wbagwell 10 Nov 2003 11:58

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the tips! I'll be flying into Sydney on march 27th, and probably hanging with the groom for a few days - the wedding's on April 3rd. So the first week I'll be in the Syndney vicnity. I'll be looking to head out of mittagong on April 4th. I would abolsutely love to meet up with anyone in the area for a ride. Having a local's guidance always makes for a good time, and I would certainly be up for a weekend ride.

I'm planning on renting a bike - anyone know a good place to pick up something like an XT, XR, AT, Dommie? I guess whatever kind of bike I can find will dictate how adventurous I want to be off the pavement.


Mark Smith 25 Nov 2003 09:25

G'day, I'm about 40minutes from Mittagong on the South Coast of NSW.

If you are after some dirt routes and havnt got much time I suggest you look at doing the road from bowral to Wombeyan Caves then down to Braiswood - dirt to Cooma - Cooma to the border of Victoria and then into the fire trails of the Australian Alps - lots of small side trips - perhaps contacting the Australian Survey service might get you some maps - I'm commited to heading to Darwin the time of year you are coming otherwise I may have joined in.

In october 04 I'm doing a 1600klm Iron Butt run with a fellow Country man of yours - from Texas - pity the weeding wasnt then !

David and Cheryl Laing 30 Nov 2003 11:17

Do the Broken Hill trip. Take in some of the national parks in the area, White Cliffs opal mines and then head south on the Minindee road to Mungo National Park.
Try and borrow a tent for the nights that you cant get to an accomodation centre. And always carry drinking water on your bike. It could get hot even at that time of the year.
Have fun. We just love Broken Hill on a bike.

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