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jcorker 24 Jan 2006 22:24

Suzuki DR200SE Trojan motorcycle
I need some help to identify a supplier and buy some carry rack and guard parts for one of these bikes. They are sold in NZ and AU as farm bikes. Anyone knows a supplier please email me thanks

beddhist 25 Jan 2006 02:26

Any Suzi shop in Oz or NZ should be able to supply them, but don't expect anything for travelling. They are farm bikes, after all.

Nigel Marx 28 Jan 2006 06:56

Are you after new or second hand? I may be able to help you either way.


Nigel in NZ

jcorker 10 Nov 2006 19:44

DR200 Info'
Thanks for your replies. I've come across some suppliers that look promising in Boise ID USA. Got a good large rack and a line on some panniers. I've just returned from a trans Canadian run and will fix up the little 200 as a carry on the tail of my truck lightweight touring machine for a trip to New Orleans Habitat for Humanity project in spring 2007.

littlesnuzuki 9 May 2009 01:15

Me too!
I wants parts off that "Farm Bike"! Like, as a minimum, a bash plate and a kickstarter! I need to know the model designation and who to call in Canada to order. thanks from Arizona.

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