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dot250 2 Jan 2007 14:51

Speedway in NZ
Please can someone tell me if there is a Championship of NZ for M/C speedway,when & where & where I can see speedway in late Jan,Feb & march.
Thanks in advance.

Kiwirider 2 Jan 2007 20:41

Here is some info for you

Solo Bikes
10th Feb (Ruapuna, Christchurch) - NZ Champs
27th Jan (Gisborne) - NZ Grand Prix

Side Chairs
28th Jan (Kihikihi) - North Island Champs
24th Feb (Napier) - NZ Grand Prix

visit www.speedway.co.nz for more info

Hope that helps


Clancy 3 Jan 2007 12:56

And not only that Crumpie is home in Oz for the next few weeks competing for the Oz title, along with a few of the poms and the local heroes.

dot250 13 Jan 2007 22:21

Ruapuna Speedway
looks to be a long way from Christchurch.Directions needed please?
Thanks in advance.

Nigel Marx 14 Jan 2007 01:28

Ruapuna directions
Hi there.
Ruapuna is about 15km from the middle of Chch, and about 20-25 minutes to get there. It's easy to find as it's off the West Coast highway. All the maps will show the road to Arthurs Pass and the West Coast out of Chch, going thru Yauldhurst at the edge of the city. About 1km past the Yauldhurst pub there is a turn off to the left that takes you right past Ruapuna. From that way, take the second entrance into Ruapuna, the first one is onto the road-race and drag circuits. What's the chance of meeting up for a beer? There's a spare bed or two as well if you want.

Kind regards

Nigel in NZ

dot250 14 Jan 2007 13:45

Nigel I am arriving in Chch on 27 jan---hiring a car for 4days to look for a suitable bike to buy or even rent.Return flight 11 march.Looking for a trail bike 400 to 650 cc,less than 2 years old,electric start, still under warranty.Must be comfy,17 litre tank or more,bringing my 52ltr Givi Maxia & plate to fit on bike.May resell when I leave or store it until next year.DOing both islands,starting out on my own.I ride every day at home on VFR 800 & GS1200 +CRM supermoto,1964 Dot trials,1959 James trials & 1966 Cotton trials for pre 1965 trials.I am a Belle Vue speedway fan,& just become a Pensioner!I also have a Subaru Impreza WRX to play with!
Any help appreciated.
Mobile phone no after 27th should be 07779471031 UK
Regards John

Kiwirider 16 Jan 2007 11:53

Hi there

Check out our website, www.rideforlife.co.nz we are travelling NZ raising money for the Cancer Society, you can join in for the entire trip or just a day or two, it would be great to have a fellow Hubb member to ride with.

As for the bikes there are a few Transalpers available

Cheers Scott

Nigel Marx 17 Jan 2007 00:18

I would love to be able to help you more mate, but I'm getting married this weekend, and then off for a few weeks fishing in the southern lakes. Good luck with the bike search, I suspect with a newer bike you will have the best luck at a dealer. New prices for bike are pretty low in NZ, so maybe consider that? Try these guys. I have no interest in their business nor do I get anything out of sending anyone to them, just I get treated really well by them.
I will be back in Chch about the 7th of Feb so maybe we can meet up after that?


Nigel in NZ

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