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MurrayS 19 Jun 2006 19:46

Shipping. NZ-Australia
Has anyone recently shipped their bike from NZ-Australia? Who did you use, costs etc. Kathy and I are about ready for the first leg of our travells, and hope to ship Wellinton-Sydney, although Melbourne would be fine also.

mattmbishop 19 Jun 2006 21:42

Our bikes are on their way to Perth right now.

We used Express Logistics, www.xprs.co.nz.

Freight (Sea) $324.80
BAF Charges $51.04
Cartage $116.00
Export Docs $50.00
Customs Clearance $181.36
Port Service Charge $42.07
Delivery Order Fee $90.68
Sea Cargo Automation $25.08
Transport ex wharf to warehouse $42.32
Marine Insurance $95.00

Total $1018.35

That's our all inclusive shipping costs, except for the AQIS inspection which we expect to be about $250.

As you can see, the actual shipping is only $324.80. It's the costs on either side that are the major part of the total. Therefore, if you were shipping to Sydney rather than Perth I don't imagine these costs would change much.

We've allowed six weeks for shipping, four weeks for the actual ship and two either side for handling. If you want to ship by air, it's alot quicker except you exchange the $324 shipping fee for about $1000.

Good luck,

MurrayS 5 Jul 2006 10:22

Thanks Matt. Just the kind of info I was after. Let me know how the shipping went after you've landed the bikes. Looks like a great trip you have planned. Enjoy.

Kiwirider 6 Jul 2006 03:25

Hi Murray

When do you go?
What are your plans, would love to hear them.

As you may of read, my wife and I are currently planning an adventure around NZ, one day we hope to explore some of the other places around the world.


loxsmith 6 Jul 2006 07:31

Another lead
Check out this site run by Dave Milligan his company is Get Routed!
www.getrouted.com.au ships to NZ, UK IoM TT etc etc out of Australia


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