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Keith1954 26 May 2011 22:35

Sharing a Container .. Darwin -> Dili
Is anyone interested in sharing a container from Darwin to Dili, East Timor, at the end of August (three months' time), to arrive in Dili sometime during the first week in September?

Precise timing will depend on the shippers (Perkins Shipping) who apparently tend to issue their export schedules 6-8 weeks in advance; so exact departure date should be known by no later than early-mid July.

Share or ship-out alone - I'll definitely be going.

Just thinking that sharing could save a few dollars, which is always nice .. :yes:



Maraguein 6 Dec 2011 07:58

I'm in the same situation. In Sydney at the moment clearing my GSA from customs on next week.
Is anyone interested in sharing a container from Darwin to Dili, East Timor on January 2012?


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Keith1954 6 Dec 2011 11:35

Hi Cristián

Three or four of us (m-c travellers) looked into this aspect back in August / September this year. Take a look at this ADVrider thread from post #96 (page 7) onwards for more info.

In the end we felt it was simply too much hassle sharing a container; the cost savings probably wouldn't have been that much in any case.

We kind of agreed that there is point in sweating the small stuff*, so we arranged our shipping separately. One or two of us met up on the other side, in Dili.

Perkins (now called Toll Marine Logistics btw) are a good bunch and you shouldn't have any problems 'going solo' with them. No crating, or paletting will be necessary. The boys at Toll know what they're doing; just turn-up, sort the paperwork, and ride straight into a quayside general container. You'll be fine.

Let me know if you need any more information.



* .. everything is small stuff!


Maraguein 6 Dec 2011 18:06

WOW, thank you very much for that Keith!
Quick questios:
1.- Are the bike title and CDP the only documents needed to transport it to Dili?
2.- How long does the ship takes?
3.- Having in mind I want to ride the Asian leg; after Dili, could you suggest some way to get to Denpasar?

Thank you again for your quick response.

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Keith1954 6 Dec 2011 19:20


In addition to the documents you mentioned, you will need some form of ID. I showed my passport to the office personnel at Perkins/Toll, which they photocopied.

WARNING: After you get your CPD stamped-out at Darwin Customs you must take this back to the Perkins/Toll office so that they know the shipping-out has been acknowledged and approved by Customs. If Perkins/Toll doesn’t see the stamped-out CPD then they will definitely refuse to ship your bike up to Dili (.. I almost came a cropper on this!)

Shipping time from Darwin ~~>to Dili takes about 36 hours. You will need to drop your bike off at the Perkins/Toll quayside depot 3-6 days prior to the shipping date.

Island hopping from Timor-Leste across the Indonesian archipelago is fairly straightforward, although it is all a bit ‘rough-and-ready’ - read this HUBB thread for some useful information about Indo ferries, into which I have contributed a post or two. For more info click-on my signature link (below), which will take you to my blog; there's some more stuff in there about riding from Dili to Dempasar, including ferry deals.

Good luck - you'll have a blast, I'm sure.


nickandrabbit 7 Dec 2011 12:55

Hey guys
What actually counts as proof of ownership?
Will rego in my name suffice as I don't believe I have any written invoice from the previous owner of my bike.

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