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Alantino Rossi 17 Jan 2006 14:47

Riding around Australian perimeter
Hi Guys, I am starting to make plans to ride around the perimeter of Australia, probably starting around april-may next year from Melbourne going anti-clockwise. We (my pillion wife and I) aim to to it in approx 3 months, so that should be enough time to do it comfortably.
Has anyone here done this before, any advice, do's and don't's etc.
The bike of choice at moment is a Suzuki V-Strom 650, but this may change.

Any comment appreciated.

Alan Pritchard----------------------------------
Don't forget yer toothbrush!

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Frank Warner 19 Jan 2006 06:09

As many dirt roads as possible? Tar roads only? Dirt roads where they go senic?

Camping? 5 star hotels only?

Senic? National Parks?

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Cuppa500 19 Jan 2006 09:47

You may find this of interest?

Paulsen 19 Jan 2006 11:00

Alan: I am doing a similar trip. Starting this March but going clockwise with a few incursions into the center depending on what I find. Been planning for a year. Bought a 650 V- strom and it is waiting for me at a dealer there. I am going solo though. Sounds like a great ride. I am going for 4 to 6 weeks then come back in the winter (our summer) to do the top end. Going to store my bike in between trips. Can't be away from work that long so I have to split it up into two sections.
Have fun, Al

Alantino Rossi 19 Jan 2006 14:48

Thanks for your replies, I'll try and be a bit more specific.
We plan to do mostly tar seal (I'm less than useless on dirt at the best of times) but it would be nice to break the monotony now and again.
I would say we would want basic accomodation and have not discounted the odd night camping although trying to convince my wife to camp in Aussie may prove different!
It would be nice to actually see a bit and stay more than a day in some places, even get some work maybe if the chance arises.
We may pay particular attention to the Adelaide area as we plan to maybe move there in the future.
I want it to be an adventure and am well aware of what could and probably will go wrong, but this is my first long trip.

Am I doing this at the right time of year?

Thanks again for your replies guys and be careful out there!

Mark Smith 20 Jan 2006 02:40

Yes, its a good time of year - re your acc preference, pubs are a good place to stay in Oz - meet the locals in each district and just about every town will have at least 1 Pub that has Acc. - heres a link to one web site that lists hotels in various locations.


Frank Warner 20 Jan 2006 05:41

Yep. Pubs in small country towns are usually good value. Also backpackers/YHA in the larger more touristy areas. They usually have a 'family room' that would be suitable for a couple.

So April May June July - would be good up north - cool down south.

Places not to miss - Kakadu National Park (top centre), Darwin (art gallery, top centre), Broome (left side towards the top), ummm that will do from me.

Robboxrv 20 Jan 2006 10:00

I lived in Adelaide for 6 years some would say you poor thing but I owned bikes there always as there is some of the best riding in Oz, out in the Adelaide hills(road riding that is) and the Barossa Valley, also down to Victa Harbour, you should explore all these areas, especially beuatiful in the Autumn but almost too hot in the summer.

And tell your wife there is nothing to be affraid of when camping, only all those snakes and spiders, plus the imfamous drop bear!
I have travelled all over Australia up down back and forward, except Tassie so can reccomend some amazing places to see, Wetern Australia really offers something different.

And thats about all from me


Alantino Rossi 22 Jan 2006 14:52

Thanks guys, Adelaide (you poor thing) what's wrong with Adelaide? The reason we have sort of decidied that's where we will start looking is because, Perth (too islolated)Darwin (too hot) Brissie (too hot and expensive) Sydney (too busy and expensive) Melbourne (dodgy weather) Adelaide seems to be about right. We don't plan to live in the city but somewhere within an hours drive.
I'm off to find out what a Drop Bear is!

Robboxrv 22 Jan 2006 16:49

Sorry to give the wrong impression, Adelaide for me is brilliant, I lived there for six years and have a house ther now, although I am living in the UK now. Its just everyone in Australia sees Adelaide as backward, behind the times not up with it, thats why I added the 'some would say poor thing' But even better would be living just out of the city as these parts are beautiful, like I said in the Adelaide hills and during Autumn and amazing riding both on and off road, but beware gets bloody hot in the summer time 40 plus degrees, but the nice beaches compensate for that.
Well all the best, have you found out about those scary drop bears yet??


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DaveSmith 23 Jan 2006 04:55

I did this Oct 2004 through Feb 2005, and it was great. I started in Sydney and went north to Cooktown then Darwin, Broome, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and back to Sydney.

There's some one lane roads with road trains that are great fun! You're on a bike big enough to outrun them, but I wasn't. I just kept an eye on the rearview mirror and pulled way off the road when I saw one coming.

At least someone warned you about the drop bears.

Random attempts have
been made at RTW on
a '65 Ducati 250cc

Tathagata 23 Jan 2006 08:09

If you make it to Canberra give us a yell. We know the roads pretty well and can give you a good tour of the area.

Alantino Rossi 24 Jan 2006 14:01

Thanks for the Canberra invite, will let you know when we are close. Holy shit! the stories of the Drop Bears are scary! might be a myth but I got no chance of convincing the wife to bush camping now!and I don't think I'll risk it! ha ha!
BTW do they have a race track in Adelaide that they do club meetings (bikes) I love my racing and couldn't bear to live somewhere without a track near by.

Cheers guys for all your replies, I'll keep you posted.

Robboxrv 24 Jan 2006 17:38

Yeah there is a track just north of Adelaide called Malalar, maybe an hour north I think, I took my blade out there one day got hit, stayed on but cracked my fairing so never went back again, track is short and suited to cars is my opinion, compared to the time I did a track day at philip Island, just amazing!! but yes they have open days where you can go out for the day.

honeybadger 20 Mar 2006 13:50

drop bears!! not as big a problem as the hoop snakes. u really gotta keep your eyes peeled for 'em.....

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