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Polly 18 Oct 2007 11:32

Rental small bike in brisbane..sugestions?
I am travelling with my wife from Belgium to NZ and Australia(at first we did drive to mongolia on a XT 600:funmeteryes: , I sold it in Ulaan bataar (thanks motoedde)
Actualy we are in Laos and driving a rental Honda 125 cc, we like it soo much:thumbup1: ( we did the same in Vietnam, Cambodia)

We will flight to Australia ( Brisbane) round 20 November and tour for two months in the Eastern part of Australia

Is there anybody could anybody help me in sugesting a place, a person to hire a small motorbike, scooter ?
Or should I consider buying one ?( but it looks to me , they have a quite expensive taxe sytem..)

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