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Ockerstrom 23 Jul 2012 12:58

Maximum tyre width for KLE500?
Just wondering if the "brains trust" can tell me what the maximum width tyre size is that I can fit on the rear of my '94 KLE500

I'm looking to go to Dunlop 605's in the future but just need to replace the rear for now.

I have three spare rears for the Wee-Strom, Tourance- 50%, Anakee brand new, Heidenau 35%

All are 150/70x17, it seems stock is 130/80x17 [the bike currently has a 140/70x17 Battleax that almost appears a bit wide for the rim, but I'm not familiar with them as a tyre so not sure what they should look like mounted on a rim]

Has anyone fitted a 150/17 safely to the rear of a KLE?

Does the early KLR have a wider rim and can I swap it over to the KLE?

All feedback greatly received. ?c?


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