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panhandle1300 30 Nov 2011 00:48

Looking for help
Hi everyone
We are Kev and Lorraine Hatchett, a Brit couple on a RTW trip. We have been on the road now for 2.5 years. We have just arrived in Sydney from San Francisco to spend a bit of time touring around while the bike is in transit to Singapore. We had originally planned to hire a camper van but have hit a minor problem .. trying to book a van on arrival is proving to be slightly impossible for us :-( all the companies are requiring a credit card for deposit. We have a credit card, unfortunately it is still in the UK, will be arriving in Sydney with a mate on the 8th Dec.
With all the troubles we have had shipping out of the States (that's another story!!) we didn't get a great deal of time for organizing this part of the trip ... basically flying by the seat of our pants.
Accommodation here is a lot more expensive than we imagined.
If anyone has any tips on sub AU$50 accom around Sydney, or anywhere in Aus for that matter while we sort ourselves out would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Kev & Lorraine _____________

Turborob 2 Dec 2011 03:53


If you don't mind camping, there's a book called 'camps 5' (or it could even be 6). Anyway, it lists the free camp sites in Australia, which certainly has to be the cheapest way to stay. A library might even have it......

There's also 'couch-surfing' where you can see if you can stay at peoples house, for free. This is usually only for short periods though. Google will be your friend.

You can also try 'Gumtree', where people list accommodation to rent/share. You never know, you might be able to snag a room at a house for a couple of hundred a week until you get back on your feet.

If you're around Albury from mid-Jan onwards, message me and you're welcome to stay. In the process of moving there at the moment....

:scooter: Rob.

maximondo 2 Dec 2011 15:11

Ive sent out a few emails, but have you tried to contact the HU communities??
The other thing is to look at re-locating camper vans - these you can do for $1 per day some times they throw in fuel.... ideas anyway - ill get back to you about my friends.

Deolali 3 Dec 2011 13:12

Free accommodation for a few days offered on a rural property near Bemboka in the Bega Valley in south east New South Wales. Double room and/or twin room with use of own bathroom, or powered site for your campervan. Kangaroos and wombats on the property. Swimming pool - but the water's still a bit cool as it's unheated. About 400 km south of Sydney, 40 minutes from beaches, 90 minutes from Snowy Mountains. Would probably able to lend you an old Subaru Brumby utility while you're here.

mcguyver 7 Dec 2011 20:38

have you thought about couchsurfing?
Its a great concept.


Nigel Marx 16 Dec 2011 18:49

Also there's Help eXchange, free accommodation in exchange for a few hours work a day.
Help Exchange: free volunteer work exchange abroad Australia New Zealand Canada Europe

Cheers bloke

Nigel in NZ

realmc26 16 Dec 2011 22:30

Good ideas from everybody there. For $50 or less in sydney you are looking at camping or a cheap hostel in a dorm most likely. Couch surfing is the way to go or if you have lots of time try house sitting, lots of options australia wide from a weekend to months. Usually you have to look after a pet or two.

Good luck

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